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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Swimming, College Frustrations, and a Viral Recipe.

Sarah had some good swims on Saturday.  Her medley relay team did well enough to qualify for States which is a huge accomplishment because they are only taking the top 12 times this year due to COVID.  

She was disappointed in her backstroke time even though she PR'd.  She felt like she should have done better.  I'm proud of her and am so thankful that they even got to have a season at all.  If she had been able to swim this summer and fall, her times would have matched the times she set for herself but given the circumstances the fact that she was still able to obtain a personal record is fantastic!

Here's a picture of her and her friends from the conference meet taken from another mom's facebook page.

And here are some photos from the professional photographer from the regional meet:

Due to COVID, the team isn't allowed to go to Raleigh the night before and stay in a hotel so they will be leaving Friday morning in order to get there in time for warm ups.  Sarah's disappointed because half the fun of Sates is staying in a hotel.

Dan and I will be watching the live stream of her event which is the first event.  Sarah's excited that she is in the first event because that way she can enjoy the rest of the meet without being nervous. 

In other news, we watched the Super Bowl of Sunday.  I am glad Tom Brady won.  I think the Patriots did him wrong the last few years of his time there and I was happy that he got another Super Bowl victory.  There's plenty of time for Patrick Mahommes to work on beating that record.  

Now, we just need the Patriots or the Panthers in the Super Bowl next year.  Ha!  I don't see either one of our teams getting there any time soon!

Peter has been trying to complete extra forms and other requirements for colleges he's been accepted into.  Can I tell you how frustrating it all is?  Each school has their own website and within that website is ANOTHER website for housing and ANOTHER website for financial aid and ANOTHER.... you get my drift.

And each one of these websites requires DIFFERENT passwords and user names and each one has different requirements for length, special characters, etc.  It's very frustrating for an adult that is used to being frustrated by username and passwords but add in a stressed out kid who is trying to apply for housing during school hours because that's when the housing lottery opens and you get a lot of ALL CAPITAL TEXTS FROM SAID STRESSED OUT KID!  

Anyway, he said he got everything completed.  I hope so.  I am already praying for good roommates/suite mates, etc.  A bad living experience can ruin your freshman year in college.

Sarah and I tried the viral pasta recipe that's been taking TikTok by storm. Here's the recipe. 

We doubled the amount of feta and did not raise the temp and bake it for an extra ten minutes as she did in the original.  I wanted to but Sarah did not so...

It was delicious and I would definitely make this again.  It was so good, I would make it for guests.  And did I mention that it was easy?  

This is ours before we crushed the tomatoes and stirred everything up.  SO GOOD!!!

If y'all make this, let me know.



Gigi said...

Congrats to Sarah! Oh the pain of dealing with college websites - so frustrating!

Madeline said...

I am happy to hear Sarah did so well! Congratulations to her. Peter's college website woes sound a like a bit of a nightmare but hopefully it all works out okay. I've never even heard of this pasta recipe but I am intrigued by it, glad to hear a positive review.

Billie Jo said...

Congrats to your girl!!!!!
I think Madison made that pasta recipe, but I'm not sure.
Have a cozy evening, my friend!

Ernie said...

So excited for Sarah. That's awesome. I agree getting a swim season in at all is good news.

Tank is overwhelmed by the number of essays and stuff he needs to do for scholarships he is applying for. He has put in info and come back to finish it and his info is gone.

I JUST heard about this recipe on my local news. I am predicting a tun on feta.