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Thursday, December 31, 2020

We had ourselves a merry little Christmas.

 Happy New Year's Eve!  

We had a very nice Christmas.  It was very low key but lovely nonetheless. 

We went to the Christmas Eve Lovefeast and Candlelight Service at my mom's church (my church growing up). We were socially distanced and there weren't many people there so that was a little sad but I'm just thankful they had the service and we were able to go.

Afterwards as in previous years, we came back to my house for appetizers and merriment. We were up too late and had to drag the kids out of bed on Christmas morning so that we could get gifts unwrapped and make it to Mass on time.

After gifts and church we had Christmas lunch with my mom and brother and unwrapped more gifts.  We then went to Starbucks (a newer tradition) and had to wait in the drive thru line for 30 minutes and they were closing early so our tradition of going at night turned in to going in afternoon but we still did it!

Then we had a Zoom call with Dan's family and that was our calm but lovely Christmas.  

Here are a few pictures:

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Ernie said...

Such a beautiful room with lovely Christmas decorations. Love the family pictures. Glad you were still able to get together with your mom and brother. I don't drink coffee, so maybe it's just me - but I'm surprised there was such a crowd at Starbucks. Our day was pretty chill, and honestly none of us really seemed to mind. All the best in 2021!