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Friday, December 11, 2020

Checking things off my list!

So things are moving along nicely over here.  I think I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done.  I still have a few little things to purchase but hopefully by this afternoon most of those will be checked off my list as well.

I also completed my Christmas cards yesterday and took them to the post office along with gifts for our out of town family members.  So, check and check!

I did most of my shopping online this year.  Not because of Covid but because that's how I do most of my shopping every year!  I did go to some stores because sometimes when you don't know what you want to get someone, you need to go into a store for inspiration.  But since I did so much of my shopping online,  I set up a little goody basket for all the delivery drivers.

I put it out on Monday and only two items have been taken.  I'm a little disappointed but I  know a lot of people do this so maybe they just aren't hungry or maybe it's covid and they don't want to take snacks from someone they dont know or maybe it's because these drivers are just too busy.  And it's not just one of the delivery services, it's all of them.  I've had all of them at my house this week multiple times and none of them seem interested.  I've even added in different snacks to see if that's the problem.  Oh well.  I'm going to leave it out until Christmas and keep trying different things to see what they like.  

Last weekend, I made this chocolate log roll or Buche de Noel for Sunday dessert.  It's a favorite of Dan's.  It always looks so pretty and festive!

You can't go wrong with all that filling and frosting!

While I'm ahead on all my gift purchasing, I'm behind on all my  gift wrapping.  But, I did manage to wrap all the out of town gifts before I mailed them but I have so much more left to do.

While I was wrapping the gifts, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with peppermint flavored creamer and some peppermint and white chocolate covered pretzels and was watching the Bachelorette.  If you don't enjoy something, you should definitely pair it with things you do enjoy to make it better!

On Tuesday, I took Peter's truck to get it inspected and it did not pass because one of his front tires was worn down too far on the inside.  We knew Peter needed an alignment, and that was one of the things I had on my to-do list over Christmas break but a failed inspection changed my plans.  I immediately went to the tire shop to get two new front tires and then headed to an alignment place who squeezed me in and got the alignment completed and then headed back to get the inspection and oil change. 

Whew! I was not planning on doing all that but I was glad to get that done.  I do not like dealing with car issues. I also do like the thought that my kid is driving around on a tire that will not pass inspection!

On a positive note, Sarah not only made the swim team but she is co-captain!  I'm so proud of her.  She has four home meets and several away meets. There will be no spectators at the home meets and I imagine the same for the away meets.  However, they need parent volunteers to time at the home meets so I've signed up to time at the first one. I'm sure there will be a lot of people signing up to time but they are trying to make sure at least one parent can time at one swim meet.  It's so very sad that we can't be there to cheer her on at all of her meets but I'm just thankful she's able to have a season. 


Laura M said...

Your snacks are very sweet and it's the thought that counts!

Madeline said...

Oh that Buche de Noel looks great! We have so many packages, and since we aren't traveling all of our relatives have sent us things too! We aren't even going to wrap most of the things we are going to just open the boxes and be surprised. I love the thought of offering items for the delivery drivers. I think the squirrels would steal the food at my house and I think it's too cold for beverages! But I love where your heart is at!