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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Football, Fighting Cancer, and Beer.

The kids have officially been in school for two weeks now far so good....

Both kids like their schedules and have a good amount of friends in their classes.  They have both adjusted well to wearing masks all day long except when eating lunch.

Sarah is having a small problem because she isn't hungry for breakfast before school. In previous years,she would always take a snack and eat it in class around 10:00.  She can't do that now because she can't take her mask off and she's getting hungry before lunch.  Thankfully though she has the first lunch period so at least she isn't having to wait until third lunch. 

They are doing lunch a little differently this year.  Instead of allowing everyone to eat in the cafeteria each lunch period has been split up into different pods.  Some kids are eating in the cafeteria, some in the gym, and others in different classrooms.  Peter is one of the lucky ones - he is in the cafeteria.  Sarah is in a classroom with I think 8 or 9 other kids.  Luckily a couple of her friends are in there with her but she said they are sitting pretty far apart so it's hard to talk.

Peter and most of his friends from the football team are playing in a 7 on 7 league.  It looks like many of the other neighboring high schools are participating as well. They have 8 scheduled game nights and each night they do 3 25 minute "games" where each team gets a certain amount of possessions where they run plays and try to score.  

The league is keeping everything legal so that they don't infringe on any of the state rules for high school football. For example, the team's head coaches aren't allowed to be there.  The assistant coaches can watch from the sidelines but each team has a different 7 on 7 coach that doesn't work for the school team.

Even though it isn't an actual football fame, Peter had a great time Friday night because he got to run plays and hang out with his friends.  Dan and I were excited to watch some football and talk to a couple of the other parents.  The games are played in a large soccer complex on half fields so there are multiple games going on at once.  We were actually able to watch two of the three games up close.  The third game was on one of the far fields and spectators weren't allowed on that end of the field. It's not your traditional Friday Night Lights but it's better than nothing.  


Sarah worked her last shift at the pool this weekend and is very sad that her job is ending until the spring.  She's made a lot of new friends and made quite a bit of money considering she only worked about 6 weeks.  She was lucky and was able to pick up a lot of double shifts. She gained a lot of confidence while working at this pool and is very excited to go back next year.

And speaking of Sarah, she was nominated for Student of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of the Triad.  Basically what that means is that she will be fundraising to fight cancer.  She has put together a team and will be leading them to raise money in the spring.  She was very honored to be nominated and is excited for this opportunity.  

We've had several Zoom calls with the triad liaison and Sarah is currently working on her presentation for her first team meeting.  

Dan and I celebrated our birthdays last weekend.  We had a nice lunch out at Firebirds with the family and then had cake and unwrapped presents.  Then he and I went to a local brewery for some drinks.

And that's about it from here.  I hope everyone has a great week!


Madeline said...

That looks like a great little birthday celebration! So glad Peter can play at least a little bit of football.

And seriously, Sarah looks too beautiful and grown up in that picture! How cool she is going to raise money for such a good cause!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to you both! What a beautiful cake!

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Sarah and Happy Birthday! That cake is beautiful!❤️

Ernie said...

Sarah looks very pretty in that picture. Congrats to her! Glad they are able to attend and tolerate the masks. My high schoolers are supposed to go back in early October a day or two a week.

Mini is on the high school tennis team, and parents aren't allowed to watch which I think is crazy because it is outdoors and we can spread out. I am annoyed. Both boys are on high school golf. I think some parents have walked around to watch in the past, but I wouldn't know the first thing about where to go and when to follow. I have never attended.

Great looking cake, by the way . . . and happy belated birthdays.