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Friday, April 17, 2020

Quarantine. What's it good for?

I started off our quarantine with a bang.  I cleaned out a closet, made some homemade breads, and cleaned out a few filthy window sills.

And then in week two, I lost steam.  The reality of our new normal set in and I just didn't give a crap about anything other than making it through quarantine.

But the one thing that I have managed to accomplish during quarantine that I hope will have lasting results is HAIR TRAINING!

Back in January I started following Jasmine Rae Hair Company on Instagram (she also has a Facebook page).  If you check her out, you will see that she has beautiful, long, REAL hair.  I call it mermaid hair because to me it looks just as I would imagine a mermaid's hair to look if mermaids were real.

And she has gotten this beautiful, healthy hair by only washing it once every three weeks or so!

My hair stylist has told me for quite some time that I shouldn't wash my hair every day because washing it and drying it is damaging it.

I always responded by whining and complaining about my greasy hair and that it HAS TO BE WASHED DAILY because it gets so gross looking.

But then I found Jasmine and listened to her explain that every time you shampoo your hair you are striping away the natural oils from your scalp.  In response, your body produces more oil to replace what you removed.  So by washing it everyday for my entire life, my scalp created extra oil to compensate for the oil I was unnaturally removing.

So in order to get my scalp to stop creating and secreting so much oil, I need to STOP WASHING MY HAIR EVERY DAY!

But you have to TRAIN your scalp to do this.  For the first few weeks of January, I washed my hair every other day.  On the in between days, I used dry shampoo (she recommends L'ange products and gets paid by them.  I will tell you, their dry shampoo is the best one I've tried to date.  They always run sales so if you want to try any of their products wait until they are having a 50% off sale.)

After a few weeks of this, I added another day between shampoos.  So for instance, I would wash my hair on a Monday and then not wash it again until Thursday.  I was at this point in the process when quarantine set in.  So now that we aren't going anywhere or doing anything I have been able to work up to going 4 days in between washes and am about to add in an extra day and see how that goes.

My hair doesn't look fabulous all the time and by the time it is hair wash day, it definitely needs it but it's fine because NO ONE IS SEEING ME AND I DON'T REALLY CARE HOW I LOOK!

I have noticed that I need less dry shampoo now as well.  Previously I was using it every day between washes but now I am typically only using it on the last couple of days before I wash my hair.  So it must be working!  I am slowly but surely training my scalp to make less oil!

I don't think I will every get to the 21 days between hair washing and honestly I'm fine with that.  If I can get to where I wash it once a week and it looks good all seven days I will be happy.

She doesn't have a blog so you have to watch her tutorials on  Insta - they are saved in the highlight bubbles. She does Facebook lives regularly as well. I can definitely say that my hair is healthier than it has ever been AND I have a lot of new baby hairs growing in.  (New  hair growth is one of the benefits of hair training.)

In the picture below, I had washed my hair on Wednesday and this was Sunday:

Not bad, is it?

I washed my hair on Monday morning and today is Friday. I am planning on washing it tomorrow but I might see if I can go until Sunday.  I'm just going to see how it looks in the morning.   Nobody is going to see me so it doesn't matter! So in that respect, I guess quarantine has been good for something!


Ernie said...

Hmm, you did NOT have me until you said 'baby hair'. My curiosity is peaked. My hair is super thin though and I cannot imagine how it would look if I didn't wash it, especially because I workout daily and I sweat like a monster. Do monsters sweat? Do you get your hair wet in the shower when you don't wash it? I would have to wet my hair and put more product in, but again - I might look like a street person. It would be a great time to do a trial run, but I gotta go because I just worked out and under my baseball hat is some seriously slimy hair that I need to go wash. :)

Madeline said...

I will definitely look at those Instagram videos. I have been training my hair lately as well but I didn't know that was an actual thing. I am on the every 2/3 days part of the cycle. Now that we don't have school until August I can easily start going longer! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Gigi said...

I wash my hair about once a week - and it's fine. If I'm wearing it down then I to start from scratch with soaking wet hair to get the curls to look right; as I have not mastered the storied "second day curls" that I keep hearing about.

Mari said...

This is so interesting! I will have to check her out. I wonder how it works for people like me who use product and curling irons?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that you shared this. I've read about it and while I was home, sick with the flu in January, I started to do this. Not sure when I fell off the wagon, but I think I need to try it again. My hair is thinning so much and it's really got me worried; I don't want to be bald.