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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Prayer request, hair questions answered (sort of), and a recipe!

Could I ask for continued prayers for Dan's Uncle Bob?  He is still in the rehab facility.  His breathing is fine (no oxygen needed), he has no fever (been fever-free for over a week and a half) BUT they won't release him back to his retirement home until he tests negative for COVID-19.  Even though he is symptom-free, he continues to test positive.  After each positive test, they wait THREE DAYS before they will test again.  He just received another positive test yesterday so he won't be tested again until Thursday.  IF he passes that test, he must pass another test the next day before he can be released.

Uncle Bob is spending his days alone in a room with nothing but a telephone (the kind hooked to a wall) and a tv.  He is bored out of his mind. He isn't even allowed to walk the halls of the rehab facility.  Please pray that his next test is negative and that he is able to continue to pass the time without going stir crazy.

Several of you asked questions about the hair training so I thought I'd answer them here.

On days that I am not washing my hair, I put it up in a shower cap so it doesn't get wet.  For people that do sweaty workouts on the regular while hair training, Jasmine recommends using a blow dryer on the cool setting and drying the sweat.  She says that the salt in the sweat is good for the hair follicles. 

I don't use any product in my hair to style it so I don't know how that would work.  BUT  - I did put some curl in my hair the other day and it was still in there two days later.  Obviously, it wasn't as curly (more wavy after sleeping on it) but I still thought it looked cute.  If I was actually leaving the house I would have just re-curled a couple of strands and been good to go!

I wish Jasmine had a blog so that you could read all the info.  Instead, she just talks about her method on Instagram and Facebook so you have to watch the videos.  I'm more of a word peruser and find videos kind of annoying.  But all the info is there you just have to sort through the videos!

I made the most delicious dessert for Sunday lunch.  It's called Cookies and Cream Brownie Trifle from Chef In Training. It was so good!  EVERYONE loved it.  And even if you don't want to make the trifle, I recommend the brownie recipe.  Dan and I agreed that the brownies were dense and chocolatey and just perfect.  So it's like two recipes in one!

So it's no surprise that I put on a pair of leggings yesterday AND THEY WERE TIGHT!

I continue to walk three miles a day but I also continue to eat Cookies and Cream Brownie Trifle.
I was hoping that the walking would counterbalance all the eating.  Apparently, that's not working.

I guess I could walk more.  I guess I could eat less. 

OR I could just order new leggings.  PROBLEM SOLVED! :)


Madeline said...

So glad that Bob is off oxygen and will continue to keep him in my prayers! That trifle looks delicious!!

Ernie said...

It was hard to focus on the hair help when the photo of what I consider to be my ideal kind of dessert was staring at me. Yikes does that look amazing. I can't eat it of course because it is surging with gluten, but I can always make it for my tribe if they could all pitch in a bit and clean my house up I might be tempted.

Thanks for the continued hair tips. I cannot believe your hair looks like that with no product. What?! Hmm, so I managed to go 3 days without washing my hair last week. And I did not die. Which really surprised me. But I DID rinse it with water while I was in the shower. I think my hair would look unforgivably gross if I tried to blow it dry al a sweat. I also thought it would look horrid if I didn't wash it for 3 days, so I guess I could test it out. You had me at new hair growth, since thinning is really my main issue (well as far as hair goes, I have many other 'issues' including certain folks living under my roof, wink, wink. Trying to laugh so I don't cry).

Prayers for Uncle Bob - glad that he is feeling symptom free but boredom would be painful. I hope he gets a few negative tests in a row.

Billie Jo said...

Prayers coming your way!
And that dessert!!!
I write as I sip my Dunkin Vanilla Iced Coffee with cream and sugar. : )

Gigi said...

That dessert looks positively divine! Prayers for Uncle Bob.

Mari said...

Poor Uncle Bob. Glad he's doing ok physically, but it has to be hard mentally.
The trifle looks good!