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Thursday, December 19, 2019

I think I'm ready!

I think I'm done. 

I've got everything purchased. I've got everything wrapped.  I've got the Christmas Eve party menu planned.  I've got the food for the Christmas Eve party purchased. I even managed to get the Christmas cards mailed!

And, I've got my beanie for the game:

So, I *think* we are ready for our trip tomorrow.  Well, correction - I still have a long list of things to do today including packing and prepping the kids for our departure but I've done all I'm going to do for Christmas.

And speaking of our departure - our flight leaves Charlotte at 6:45 AM which means we will be leaving the house at 4:00 AM which means I will be getting up around 3:00 AM which means I most likely won't sleep a wink for fear of getting up late.

I can't seem to turn my brain off.  It doesn't trust my alarm clock and will wake me up multiple times to check to see what time it is.  It's very annoying. 

The weather looks decent for our trip.  Cold and partly sunny/partly cloudy.  I am very thankful that there is no snow in the forecast!

I am a little worried about the game though.  I am planning on dressing in layers but I have been having some serious hot flashes lately.  One minute I will be at the perfect body temperature and the next minute I will be burning with the heat of 1000 suns. And then after the hot flash I am cold - thanks to all the sweat that comes as a result of said hot flash.

It lasts usually just a couple of minutes thankfully but I am imagining myself bundled up at the Patriots game trying to stay warm and then having a hot flash and ripping off my coat, my sweater, my shirt, etc.  That will probably get me escorted out of the stadium....

Both of the kids have been fighting colds.  Peter's lasted over two weeks but I think he's over it.  His started as a sore throat, morphed into congestion, and ended with a lingering cough.  Sarah has it now and hers is the exact same.  Thankfully no fevers were involved and no school was missed.  Although Peter has been coming home from school and taking a long nap. 

Sarah missed swim practice on Monday because she was so tired but she managed to swim in her meet on Tuesday and shaved a little time of the dreaded IM and her backstroke. 

And with that, I'm out!   (If I have time, I would like to do a post about our trip but I'm not sure that will happen until after Christmas.  So, just in case - MERRY CHRISTMAS!)


Madeline said...

Have a safe trip! Hope Tom Brady has a great game! Merry Christmas!

Colleen said...

You're getting great weather! Today it's freezing, but it's gonna warm up. It's gonna be a HUGE game - Go Pats!!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so excited for you!!
Have a great time.

Ernie said...

I guess I should schedule pre-Christmas trip for myself to FORCE myself to be this organized. Um, wait- NO THANKS! You go uber-organized one. Hope you have a great time. I fear hot flashes for you- I would be sure the base layer is dryfit. Thank you for the image of you being carried away by stadium security while sweaty and stripped down to your bra.

Billie Jo said...

You are adorable!
Have a great trip, and a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!

Gigi said...

Oh so organized! I do feel a bit better after sitting down this afternoon and making a list of what's been bought/done and what still needs to be done.

Have a safe trip and, more importantly, have fun!

Merry Christmas.

Shirley Mary said...

Don't know why this came to mind but I decided to look back at my inactive blog. I noticed that only two or three on my blogger list is still active.....and you are one of these. Your consistency to have continued this many years is most commendable!
Christmas is over and my husband Curt and I are trying to regain our strength....We are both 88 and thankful to still have each other,
The mention of Hot Flash brought a smile. I remember in the dead of winter going out on the deck in my nightgown to get some relief
It wouldn't be long 'til I was ready to return to the nice warm room!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!
Shirley Mary

Enjoyed your post,��

Vera said...

I hope your trip went well! It's not easy traveling with kids but it sounds like you're pretty well organized. I know what you mean about not trusting the alarm clock to wake you up at the correct time, LOL!