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Friday, August 16, 2019


Things are pretty quiet around here but I always feel guilty if I don't post something each week.  I envision my kids reading this blog when they are 50 and I'm dead and wondering why some weeks (way back in my early blogging days) there were funny stories and lots of daily life details and then nothing. Blog silence.

Well, guys, let me just tell you - there are lots of things I could write but the kids (who will be 50 and wondering why I didn't write anything) don't currently want me posting a lot of details about their lives because it's "embarrassing" and "what if their friends read it"? 

So, in order to keep my current kids happy (even though when they are 50 they will probably want help remembering what they were doing when they were 15 and 16 but alas it won't be on here so I hope you kids kept your own diaries) let me just do a basic/boring rundown of our week.

One kid has their summer work done.  One kid does not.  The kid that does not has assured me that it will get done and that my constant nagging is only making said kid angry. 

Peter's football is going well.  He's had two scrimmage/jamborees this week and he is enjoying it. 

I'm so glad he's enjoying it but would you like to know what I don't enjoy about football? 


His clothes literally smell like a dead animal that has been left to rot on the side of the rot in the 92 degree weather we've been having.  I'm surprised vultures aren't circling him.

I was attempting not to vomit as I was tossing them in the wash when he got home last night and Dan, who had just ridden in the car with him for an hour, said, "I had to ride home with him. You should smell my car."


But, all the stinky laundry is worth it because he is having the best time.  The coach cancelled practice today so Peter and some of the other boys are going over to a friend's house to watch film and go over plays.  

Sarah spent the night at a friend's house last night with 4 other girls and I will be picking her up soon and taking her to get her school haircut.  It will still be long but she wants more layers cut into it.

Everyone was gone last night so I made myself a batch of wings.  They were delicious.


Most of our sunflowers have died but a few are just finally opening and look lovely...

 And that friends is pretty much all we've been up to around here.  


Billie Jo said...

Never stop writing!
And please tell me how you make those wings!
Your hubby telling you about his car reminds me of that Seinfield episode with the car and the body odor!
Anyway, have a great weekend, sweet friend.

Gigi said...

I know all to well what it is like to have a child(ren) who don't want anything posted. They will regret it one day because I surely won't be able to remember anything!

I also know that football stench! You have my sympathy on that front.

Mari said...

Yes, your kids are at that age!
You had me laughing out loud about the football stench though!

Ernie said...

OMG - I remember the smell of football clothes. I agree, it was some kind of animal smell and musty smell combined. I demanded that the shoes be left in the garage - my whole mudroom wreaked. If I take a picture of ANYTHING Tank yells out, 'Oh no, she's blogging!' in a very twisted girly voice. For this reason my kids have code names, lest you think I actually named my 3rd son Tank. I have quite a few kid stories to write about, but haven't finished summarizing our Vancouver adventure. Let's just say the kid stories revolve around the DMV, lots of swearing, and another saga around a crazed teacher. Edge of your seat? I do not eat wings, but those look delish!

Madeline said...

I am glad Peter enjoys football even if the laundry is disgusting! Hope you had a good weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Peter must be working very hard to earn that type of stench.:)
Love the sunflowers!!