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Friday, June 28, 2019

Just doing summer over here...

This isn't a typical summer for us.  Sarah was gone for a week and missed two swim meets.  Peter is playing football and has had workouts this summer so he missed a swim meet.  We finally had everyone together and were all at the third swim meet of the season. 

Due to manadatory football practices in August we have moved our Cape Cod trip from the first week of August to 4th of July and the week following which means we will miss the fourth and final regular season swim meet.  We will be home for the county championship but the whole summer swim season has just been different than normal. 

And because of that the whole summer seems differnet.  We would typically try to do two swim practices a day when possible.  Now thanks to all the crazy we are lucky if we get to one swim practice.

But even so, Sarah is enjoying her summer.  The Colorado trip was a blast and she would miss a million swim meets to do it again.  And yesterday I took her to Greensboro for a friend's birthday party.  There was dinner at Mellow Mushroom downtown and of course, pictures.  Because if you don't take pictures with all your besties when you are togheter, then why even get together?

Peter is really enjoying football workouts.  He has never played before but I think he's having a great time.  He enjoys it so much that when I wake him up early for practice, he gets up without any prodding from me.  So that tells me he likes it.  With morning swim practice there's a lot more.....  um,resistance shall we say.

Dan's been in Ireland this week so I've been holding down the fort.  In between the swim meet, swim practice, football practice, a birthday party and dinner with my mom and my brother, we also had a swim party that only Peter went to, a dentist appointment for me, a doctor's appointment for Sarah, and appointment that I went to with my mom, and an eye doctor's appointment for Peter.

And this is why it's a crazy summer for me so far - we haven't fallen into a routine yet and based on the way the calendar looks for July, I think it's going to be more of the same.  I'm just trying to enjoy it all!

Here are a few pictures from the swim meet:


Ernie said...

This is the first summer, in about 10 years I think, that we do not have a single swimmer. We were down to Curly and Reg the last few years, but they both bailed this summer. Honestly, I have NO idea how we would be fitting it in. I was so excited for summer so I could be done sitting and qork on my book. To date, I have not written a word. Heading to Vancouver Monday for 10 days. Then, I hope, my summer will begin!

Gigi said...

Having a football player can really mess with the summer routine - especially since you also have swimmers.

Michelle said...

I so hear you on the lack of a schedule! It makes it so hard...and I feel like the summer is going by even faster! We are excited about the wedding in August but I don’t want summer to go by too quickly in the meantime! Have a great vacation! You will be close to my neck of the woods!:)

Madeline said...

So glad to hear Peter is enjoying football. But yes, it does sound like an odd summer. A good one, but different. Have a great trip!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hang in there, you'll find a groove soon.
I'm one of the weird moms who loved summer because we didn't have much of a routine; it was up in the air most days.
I hope your trip goes fabulously!!