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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Girl Scouts in Colorado - Days 6, 7, and 8

The girls went white water rafting in Dumont, California at the Colorado Adventure Rafting and Ziplining Company.

Prepare for picture overload!

Off to the rapids!

 And here they are with their guide after the trip!

After they got done Sarah texted me the following in all caps:


So, I think she had fun rafting!

Later on that afternoon they went back to Red Rocks Amphitheater so they could actually see inside:

 It definitely looks like a great place to see a concert!

Day 7 was rainy so they had to adjust their plans a little but they still had a great day.

They enjoyed the scenery at Sapphire Point in Dillon and fed more chipmunks. 

Frances and Beth their fearless and wonderful leaders!

They went to Epic Discovery Park in Breckenridge but due to the rain weren't able to do everything they wanted to do there but they still had fun and got to ride the Alpine Roller Coaster among other things.

And they had lunch at Sanchos which made up for their bad experience at Casa Bonita.  Everyone said this place had awesome queso and Sarah even texted me a picture of her taco which she said wa the best one she's ever had!

They also shopped for souvenirs and walked around Breckenridge. 

Day 8 was pretty calm.  They had to pack up and leave the AirBnB they stayed in, go to the airport, return the rental car, etc.  nd they managed a stop at Hammond's Candy Factory also.
In front of the Air BnB

One last Starbucks stop for these cuties.

They took a tour of Hammond's Candy factory to see how they chocolate is made and to do some sampling!

On the airport shuttle.

Sarah walked through the door on Thursday at 3:00AM!  She was tired and happy to be home but she had a blast!  She keeps saying she wishes she was back in Colorado. 

I can't thank her leaders Beth and Frances and the chaperone mom, Carolyn enough.  This was a trip of a lifetime for my 15-year-old.  The memories she made will last forever!


Ernie said...

Your ending sum up what I was going to comment: what great memories! Such an amazing trip! Always glad when they arrive home safely.

Madeline said...

I am so glad she had such a great time and she loved rafting so much!! I am sure she is bummed to be back to reality but I bet you're so glad she's home. (Presumably without a new pet chipmunk.)