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Thursday, February 28, 2019

The taxman cometh.

I guess I can put it off no longer.  It's time to start working on our taxes.

I know I've complained here before and that's not changing this year.  I'll get it done but it is a multi-phase process for me.

Compiling all the forms is the first step.  Some are mailed and some are emailed and some have to be retrieved from various account websites.  So that process is one that takes me a  while and it never fails that halfway through I realize I don't have a form I need and have to go on the hunt.

The next step is simple.  Download TurboTax.

And then the real fun begins.  The final and longest step is, obviously, the actual inputting all the data into TurboTax.  Thank goodness that TurboTax does all the calculations because math and I are not friends. This step usually requires several days.  Not because i have that much data to input but because I get bored and/or overwhelmed.  Sometimes you just need a break.

But I've got time today so I guess I need to go ahead an get started because if you haven't noticed, TOMORROW IS MARCH 1st!  That only leaves me 6 weeks to get this done.  I think that should be just enough time.  :)

In other news, my sweet Sarah got her braces off on Tuesday.

The old gap between her two front teeth is gone and her teeth look great! 
This is her on her way to get braces in May, 2017.  Cute then. Cute now.  But I sort of miss the round baby face.

This morning was foggy and as the sun was coming up, it cast a pink hue on everything.  I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my favorite tree...

Isn't that gorgeous?  No filter, no nothing.  I just went outside and snapped it.  The pink didn't last long so I'm glad I got to see it.

And here is this past Sunday's dessert.  I made one of Dan's favorites - Chocolate Log Roll.

I used this recipe. The only issue I had is that I didn't have the correct size pan.  My pan was bigger which meant the cake was thinner and resulted in more frosting that cake.  Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Dan certainly didn't mind. But I am going to have to buy a smaller cake pan for next time.  Also, this cake is very labor intensive.  Don't think you are going to whip this out it took me a while but it was worth it.

I guess I've procrastinated enough.  Time to start getting my paperwork together.  Wish me luck!


Madeline said...

It really is such a pain to do the taxes. So many forms! And I don't know about NC but here I have to know the weight of my cars, which is so dumb. And every year I have to google it. And then every year I call my husband at work to get his driver's license number to file. Hopefully by getting started early you'll be all set!

Madeline said...

Oh, and Sarah looks so grown up now sans braces!

Gigi said...

Not tax time!!! The Husband is pushing me to do it and Man-Child keeps mentioning that I need to show him how to do his. All I can think is that I am NOT the mathematician in this family so how did this become MY job? Oh yeah...because I can key in the info fastest. I knew I should have never taken typing.

Mari said...

Sarah is growing up and is so beautiful! I use Turbo Tax too and I really like that program. Ours is done, thankfully!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't imagine doing our taxes myself; CPA to the rescue. :)
Sarah's teeth are just perfect. It's amazing how much she's changed/matured in such a short time!!
I love your tree too!