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Thursday, February 21, 2019

That teenager life.

The kids were out of school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Not because of weather (although we have had all the rain this week but thankfully no snow.  However, it did thunder last night so about a week from now we should be getting some if you believe the old wives tales.  And this one I do believe!)

Monday they were out for President's Day and Wednesday they were out because all the juniors were taking the ACT and none of the other grades had to be there.  They were out of Tuesday because when the Bishop came for Catholic Schools Week, he gifted them with a day off of the principal's choosing.  And she chose Tuesday which meant the kids had a FIVE DAY WEEKEND.

And do you want to know what they did on their long weekend? 

They slept in. 

(They must be teenagers.)

And when they weren't sleeping they were eating.

(Further proof of their teenager-ness.)

Sarah actually did manage to squeeze in a sleepover and birthday lunch with one of her school besties and 15 other girls.  If you were at the Genghis Grill on Monday, I apologize as there was probably a massive amount of giggling and selfie-taking going on. 

Track practice has started now so that is keeping Peter at school in the afternoons and means I get to pick Sarah up.  My taxi driver status doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Sarah has decided to do another two month session of swim to get ready for summer league.  She thought about skipping it but decided she wants to do it so that she doesn't lose any of the speed she gained with her school swim team. 

She has also decided to be a manager for the men's lacrosse team.  That came out of left field but one of her friends at school is doing it and the coach was looking for two people to help so Sarah volunteered.

She's most excited about getting to eat out with the team when they have away games.  And she also thinks that doing this for four years will look good on her college applications.

I told her she might want to at least read up on lacrosse or watch some YouTube videos so she would have an idea as to what's going on.  She reminded me that she had several lacross units during PE in middle school and would be fine.  (She's not going to waste her time on a YouTube video that isn't fashion or make-up related.)

Apparently the team managers are responsible for occasionally sending emails and helping out the athletic trainer during the games.  Sounds like "water girl" might be a more fitting title than trainer.

And that's the latest around here.

And since it's taboo to have a blog post without a picture, here are a few of Wally enjoying last night's episode of Meet The Meercats on the Smithsonian Channel. 


Gigi said...

Oh this rain! I'm so over it. Today's surprise sunshine was lovely...but will be short lived. And yes, I'm hearing there is a possibility of snow next Saturday...which bears out the old wives tale.

Kelli said...

We have been having SO much rain here as well...I'm over it! We had a four day weekend here and sleeping in and eating was a big part of it. All three of my kids love to sleep in.
I love the last picture of your sweet kitty!

Pam said...

I love your kitty! Its raining here today...I am already ready for spring! lol I just posted without a pic. I hope the blog police don't come after me. lol

Ernie said...

Oh how I loved the 3 day weekend we had this week . . . Because I did not have to babysit. My kids have off on March 1st but I still have to sit. Curly is scheduled to have a tooth pulled at 9 am. What do you think the chances are that Eddie will bring her? If I take her (Curly will prob prefer me), I need to ask the moms I sit for if they are OK with me leaving Ed, Tank, and Mini here in charge. Reg too but he is 13 so pretty sure he will be glued to xbox. Either way my teens will need to be awake early-ish on their day off.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wally is hilarious!!
Good for Sarah! I was a manager for the wrestling team for a year in HS. It was fun! A 5 day weekend sounds divine. :)