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Friday, May 5, 2017

All the things.....

If you have school-aged kids then you know that the busiest month of the entire school year is May.

At the head of the busy list for May was Confirmation.  Now that that has come and gone, we can move on to all the other exciting things May has to offer.

Tonight, one of Peter's fellow Boy Scouts will be having his Eagle Court of Honor and a big cookout to celebrate.  I'm hoping that by attending this, Peter will get fired up to complete all of his final requirements so that at some point he can start working on his final Eagle project. 

The Science Expo is Monday night and neither one of my kid's groups have completed (or honestly, even started,) their display boards.  That's the final requirement but because of late Easter/Spring Break and crazy busy schedules for everyone in their groups, we have had to leave it until the last minute.

So, Sarah and her group will be working on their display board on Saturday and Peter and his group will be working on theirs on Sunday. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!  But I've spoken to a lot of the other moms at school and it sounds like we aren't the only ones who are behind.  Solidarity!

While Sarah is working on her science display board, Peter will be attending a Merit Badge college to complete (hopefully, complete - I hate it when they come home from a Merit Badge college and they still have requirements to do at home) another Eagle Scout required badge.

Although, if I'm not mistaken, the badge he is working on his Family Life so I'm certain he will come home with a long list of things he has to do at home.  But we will just add that to the long list of other things he needs to work on this summer. 

And then of course, Monday night is the Science Expo.  On Tuesday and Thursday we will have our final track practices before the big end of year meet and then on Friday night - the final track meet.

Did I mention that Dan left on Tuesday morning and won't be back until (hopefully) next Friday night? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will make it to the track meet because he has been out of town for all the other ones. 

In addition to all of this excitement, I am working with some other 7th grade moms to plan the 8th grade graduation dance.  Hopefully we can turn the cafeteria into something a little more exciting that a cafeteria. 

And between now and graduation are a whole host of other things - May Crowning, 8th grade Buddy Luncheon, 7th grade Buddy Field Trip, and Sarah's class field trip to Tennessee.

And then, it's 8th grade graduation!  And how can my baby already be graduation from 8th grade?  It doesn't seem possible but he is  ready for high school. I would say he's more ready than I am!

In fact, we attending a new student night so he could sign up for his electives, choose his summer reading book, set up his school email account, set up the app they use to record service hours, etc.

It's all very exciting and just a little nerve wracking.  Luckily though I know some other parents who have kids already there and will probably be frantically texting them through the summer to make sure we have everything we need. 

Peter came down in his uniform the other day and said, "Mom, these pants are too tight and too short! I need some new ones."

To which I replied, "You have four weeks of school left.  Suck it in!"

Lest you think I'm a mean parent - I would have purchased him a new pair if he would be able to wear them next year but the uniform at his new school is completely different.  And he has already declared that after so many years of wearing navy blue pants that as soon as he leaves OLM he will "never, ever wear navy blue pants again!"  I know that if I purchased another pair, they would never be worn after the month of May.  So, suck it in!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Billie Jo said...

I am literally exhausted reading that!
You are super mom!
And I am with way I'd buy new pants in May!!!

Madeline said...

May is so busy!! I hope Peter can earn some out of uniform days or something to help ease the pain because no way should he get some new pants for a month. I hope when you read this the projects are done!