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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thursday and Friday and check, check, check!

I am continuing to check things off of my massive May to-do list.

Thursday night was my final General PTO Meeting - ever!  After three years on the executive board, I am done!  I am glad I served but I am also glad it is over.  It's time for a new groupof board memebers full of energy and fresh ideas to take over.  And I'm happy that we have just such a group in place.

Here I am with Katie, who also served three years with me and Dana, who served the last two.  It was a pleasure working with these ladies!

Yes, those are giant thank-goodness-we-made-it smiles!  And yes, that is Prosecco in our cups - Catholic schools for the win!

Then on Friday morning I was back at school to help another 7th grade mom get something ready for the dance that will be next Friday night.  And after that, I stayed at school for the Buddy Luncheon.

The buddy program at Our Lady of Mercy School is just the sweetest thing. All middle schoolers get paired with a buddy.  6th graders get 1st graders.  7th graders get pre-kers.  And 8th graders get kindergartners.

The big buddies sit with their little buddies during Mass each Friday to help them learn how to behave during church.  And they get to do fun activities with them throughout the school year.  It is so sweet to see the big kids with the little kids.  It's nice to see them being helpful and friendly to the littles at the school. It's great for the little kids to get to spend time with the bigger kids - I think it gives them confidence.

Yesterday the 8th graders and their K buddies had a prayer/blessing service and the parents were invited to attend.  It was just the sweetest thing.  The little kids sang and then the little buddies did a special blessing on the big buddies as they are about to leave the school and head to high school and then then big buddies gave the little buddies blessings as they are about to leave the kindergarten cottage and head to big 1st grade.  It was so sweet and I will admit that I was tearing up.

Then we all headed to the cafeteria and had lunch together.  The little buddies were hosting and they had all lined up to great the 8th graders and their parents as we walked through the doors. 

Our places were all set with place cards.  The buddies all sat together and then the parents of the buddies were paired up as well.  After lunch the buddies performed more songs especially for their big buddies. And the big and littles even got up and did the hokey pokey together.  It was the sweetest thing!

And then, the buddies were each presented with a framed picture of themselves with their buddies.  Peter is a giant compared to his little buddy!

Then the 8th graders presented their parents with a pledge they had each written.  This pledge contained things that they would and would not do when they headed off to high school.  It was so sweet.  I was crying while I read it because apparently I have turned into a big sap!

And then they showed a music video and I can't remember the name of the song.  But the gist of it was about little babies growing up and I sobbed through the whole thing.  Y'all!  Who am I?

At one point, Peter said, "Mom stop crying you're going to make me cry!"  But no worries, all the other moms were crying too so I felt better.

After lunch, the 8th graders were allowed to go home.  Peter came home and took a nap.  3 hours later when he got up, he said his throat was killing him so I took him to the doctor.  (Our doctor's office has clinic hours in the evenings which I love!) He tested negative for strep and the flu but because his symptoms sounded like strep, they prescribed amoxicillin.  He said he feels much better this morning which is good because ain't no body got time for sickness in May.

Today, my parents are having a big family BBQ which we are very excited about and then tomorrow after church, I will be taking Sarah back to the mall because the dance is next Friday and she has nothing to wear!  Y'all - say a little prayer for me.  My sweet girl who only used to need something pink to be happy now has so many opinions and what to wear that one of us may not make it out alive!  Your guess is as good as mine as to who the dead one will be!


Madeline said...

Peter and his buddy! So sweet! I am a crier so I can only imagine the mess I'll be when it's time for my kids to graduate 8th grade and beyond. Hope you have good luck at the mall!

Mari said...

I love that little buddies program. I'm a crier too and have passed it to my daughters. Glad Peter is feeling better.