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Monday, October 24, 2016

The weekend.

I had decided last week that I was going to repaint all the trim downstairs this weekend. 
All the trim needs to be repainted after redoing the downstairs because it is nicked and marked up after putting in the hardwoods and there are some new pieces as well that are still unfinished.
We had decided from the beginning that we would save some money by doing all the painting ourselves. 

I was going to tape everything on Friday afternoon (I have to tape because otherwise I get paint everywhere it's not supposed to be) and then get to painting bright and early on Saturday morning.That was my plan until I realized midweek that I would be setting up for the school's Halloween Hullabaloo on Friday afternoon, rushing home from that and then heading back to participate in the festivities. I also had to help clean up so I wasn't home until after 9:00.

Then on Saturday morning I had to take the kids to get their flu shots.  By the time I got back from that it was almost 11:00.  Dan and I looked at all the trim (floorboards and ceiling molding) and looked at all the taping to be done and all the painting and we both just decided...let's get a professional to do this.

I was so relieved! I can paint the walls with minimal heartache but y'all this trim was bringing me down.  It was going to take us forever and I knew that even at the end of it, it still was going to look bad.  Painting  trim is not as easy as painting a big wall.

So, I've got a guy coming on Wednesday evening to give us a quote.

With Dan's Saturday afternoon freed up, he decided to paint the patio.  Yes!  More. Painting.

When we expanding the kitchen, we had to move the back door over and with moving of the back door we had to move the back steps.  That left a big empty square in the patio where the stairs were.  The brick mason re-poured the empty square in the  patio but the old patio had color mixed into the concrete and the new portion was plain concrete.  He couldn't have matched the color anyway because it was 10 years old at this point and faded. 

The brick mason recommended pressure washing the patio and painting a colored epoxy on it to get it all the same color.  Several weeks ago when Dan at I were at Sherwin Williams getting the wall paint, we also picked out a brick colored paint for the epoxy.

Dan power washed the patio and started painting.  And oh my word!!!!

Y'all the brick colored paint we picked out was in reality FIRE ENGINE RED!

So now our whole back patio is bright red and guess what Dan will be doing next weekend?  Yep!  Repainting the patio again.  Fingers crossed we pick something a little more subtle this time.

I am the worst at picking paint colors!

Sarah made a yummy pumpkin roll for Sunday dessert.

Not annoyed at all that Dad is photobombing!

After lunch on Sunday, Sarah had a girl scout outing.  They had a bonfire, made s'mores, caramel apples and used a catapult for pumpkin chunkin!

While she was gone, Dan had a Boy Scout comittee meeting and I did a few things around the house.  When Dan got home, we watched the Patriots game.  He recorded it because it was on right when his meeting was happening.  It's always nice when we get to see the Patriots on tv here.

And that was it!  And now it's Monday and Peter gets braces on this morning.  He is less than thrilled with the whole prospect so if you can spare a prayer for my boy, I would appreciate it!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Good luck with the braces Peter!! I used to do all the painting in our house and now I'm so over it. I hire someone now. :) Poor Dad....painting the outside again? Not fun!!

Madeline said...

Will definitely be praying for Peter! Hopefully the red mellows a little this week so it's not crazy to look at until you can repaint.

deborah said...

My daughter's braces went very well. I think her mouth did hurt sometimes right after they would do something new. It really does go quickly...particularly looking back!

Hooray for new paint, despite repainting!! :) I think picking out paint is hard. You can't really know what it's going to look like until you paint!!

Billie Jo said...

Prayers for your boy and his braces!
Oh the memories!!!!!
And yay for hiring the painting out.
I'm all about that!

Mari said...

Hooray for having someone paint the trim. We recently had our living room walls and trim done, we usually do it ourselves but it was awesome having it done.
What a bummer about the paint color. It can look so different when it's not at the store!