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Friday, October 28, 2016

7QT: It's Fri-yay! And please don't hate me because I said Fri-yay.

It's Friday!  Or Fri-yay!  Whatever you want to call it, it means the weekend has arrived.

So in honor, let's do 7 Quick Takes.

1.  I think I have settled on a color.  I am 100% certain that it will not look good.  In fact, Dan has already suggested that I only pick up one gallon instead of the necessary 2 so that we can abort half way through if it looks terrible.  I think I'm also going to see if Sherwin Williams offers smaller sample sizes.  The paint we have to use for the patio is an epoxy so I'm certain they won't offer smaller sizes in that, but if I can at least get a little regular paint in the sample color then perhaps we can do a small area just to make sure it isn't going to look horrible before buying the epoxy.  And of course, even though Sherwin Williams frequently has 40% off sales, that's only on paint and supplies and doesn't ever include the epoxy.  Wish me luck.

2.  Yesterday Peter and his classmates visited the local Catholic high school.  He came home ready for high school.  He said he's excited to go.  I asked him if there were any good classes they offered that he was excited about and his response was "all the history classes".  He is his father's son.

3.  Mari asked for the Ooey Gooey Butter Bar Recipe so here it is!  As we know, it's quick to whip up and once again this week, every one was sold!  And how do I know?  My kids always want to buy one but they said they are always gone before they get to the cafeteria.  Maybe if I was a good mom, I would make a batch for my own kids! 

4. Sarah's last seasonal swim practice was last night.  She's a little bummed that she won't be in the pool again until the spring but I'm a little relieved.  One less thing for me to drive to and more time for homework and relaxation for Sarah.

5. And with fall swimming winding down, that means basketball season has begun.  Sarah was good about planning ahead and getting work done before it's due date to make sure that she had time for swimming.  My boy is not as good with that.  Although I have been trying to remember to ask him if there are things he can work ahead on so that he has less to do on practice nights and he actually has done that when possible.  There's hope for my last minute boy yet!  (Although, based on the Ooey Gooey Butter Bar incident the other night, I think we all know where he gets it!)

6.  Sarah and I have been loving this salad lately although Dan and Peter won't touch it with a ten foot pole.  They don't know what they are missing!

It's Kale, goat cheese crumbles, cranberries, diced apples, and sunflower seeds mixed with a homemade dressing.  The recipe for the dressing is:

1/4 cup olive oil
1 t. maple syrup
2 T. balsamic vinegar
2 t. Dijon mustard
Combine all ingredients, mix well and toss in with salad.  Serve right away.

So yummy and so easy. Whenever I use Kale in a salad, I always buy the pre-chopped in a bag and then I rip it up more before using it.  The smaller the kale pieces, the easier it is to get down.  I like the flavor and the health benefits of Kale, but sometimes chewing a large piece can be a lot of work!

7. We've got a busy weekend.  Sarah's having a sleepover tonight and Peter has an all day conformation retreat on Saturday.  And of course, there will be patio painting!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

One tip I saw that saved kale salads for me--rub some of the dressing into the kale leaves. I think the term was massage. It really works--the leaves lose that toughness and hold the dressing.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Good luck with the color selection. I'm wondering if you can take the gallons that you already have back and ask them to add something to make it less red? I've done that with regular paints.
Swimming to never ends does it? I can't believe your son will be in HS soon; that's crazy.
I love kale, but I'm almost always sautéing it for meals. The salad DOES look right up my alley though; love fruit with my veggies.

Madeline said...

Oh gosh, take 1, that is how it goes painting for me every single time. I hope you can find something you like. (Or maybe at least tolerate?) Thanks for the recipes. It's hard to believe that Peter is almost going to be in high school.

Jamie said...

If you dress your kale well before serving, it will be easier to eat! Like the day before even- kale is tough- it can handle it!!

Jenny Evans said...

I need to try that salad!

Mari said...

Good luck on the paint color!
Thanks for the recipe. Paula Deen is usually good, not healthy but good. :) Of course, those bars look good to me, but not the salad - no goat cheese for me. No wonder I fight my weight all the time!

Kelli said...

Your salad sounds amazing! I need to try it soon!!