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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another Rebecca Story

Rebecca's been on my mind a lot lately.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's the new school year, the changing of the seasons, the fact that our house is in shambles or maybe the fact that Dan's been gone a lot.  I don't know but she's been right with me.

Whenever she crosses my mind, the first thing I do is thank God for her and her life as short as it may have been. And  I thank Him that her suffering on this earth was short because  the only peace I get from her death is knowing that she is in heaven whole and perfect.

I ask her to pray for us all the time.  My sweet little saint loves her family and what better way to show it than to pray for us when we ask her. When one of us is having a problem, I ask her to pray for us and I have no doubt that she does because when she is praying for us, the answers and the help come quickly.

I like to imagine that she's sitting at the feet of Jesus laughing and playing and then I ask her to pray for me and she immediately turns to Him and says, "Lord help my mom.  She's a hot mess and needs you right away!"  And y'all, the Lord never disappoints.

I've shared before about some answered prayers when I've lost an item and when a couple of other blog readers have lost things.  St. Anthony is a Catholic's normal go-to intercessor for lost items  However, Rebecca has been known to find a thing or two as well.  You can read about it here and here.

This morning, after a particularly long evening filled with homework, projects, and teen angst, I woke up to find this email in my inbox:

Hello Beth, My name is Faith from Kenya. last week when i was googling randomly( i do that in an attempt to find inspiring catholic blogs by moms) i came across your blog and especially to the tab about your little angel a.k.a Rebecca Irene.......i was particularly moved by the article you wrote about asking for her intercession. I am also a firm believer in the communion of saints and thus borrowed a leaf from you when you asked for her intercession to find the lost bracelet.....
I have always prayed to St. Anthony of Padua whenever i  need to find my lost items, and when i was reading your blog, i had been seeking his intercession to find something i had lost at my job. so been encouraged by your post i started asking little Rebecca for her intercession, and yesterday Beth i found the very thing i have been looking for weeks right in my purse.....i was sooo overjoyed, thanked our little intercessor and God and i knew i  had to let the mom know what her little girl is still doing even across continents.......
Thank you very much for sharing with us, for it is through your witnessing that us too get encouraged.
Once again, someone asked sweet Rebecca to pray for them (someone in Kenya no less!) and her prayers were answered!  And once again, I am comforted. 
I frequently question her life and her death so when I hear or read that someone was helped in some small way by Rebecca and this blog, I find peace.
And I like to think that maybe it's not just with lost items that have been found but maybe bigger things too.  Perhaps someone who just learned that their baby has Trisomy 18 stumbles across my blog and realizes that life is precious and purposeful no matter the length and decides to ignore the doctors who recommend termination and lets God determine the outcome.

I know when I get to heaven, all of these things will be revealed to me and I can't wait to see all that He has done through Rebecca.  
So if you have been praying about something and are still waiting on an answer, consider asking St. Rebecca Irene to pray for you.  And if you aren't Catholic and have questions about why Catholics turn to the saints for intercession, check out this article.  It explains things pretty well. 
St. Rebecca Irene, pray for us!


Lucky as Sunshine said...

Such a sweet story.. Rebecca Irene pray for us !

Madeline said...

Oh sweet Rebecca. I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I think of her often. I am so glad that she continues to bless people and act as a powerful intercessor!

RR Mama said...

What a sweet and perfect story. Love, love, love!

Billie Jo said...

Beth, your daughter is indeed a blessing to all who call upon her.
And in turn, letting you know, in her way, that she is just fine...and doing God's work. You are a wonderful woman, and an inspiration to me to be a better Catholic. Hugs!

Joy said...

Even as a cradle Catholic I have learned so much about the Communion of Saints in the last few years. I found myself apologizing to my younger brother who died shortly after birth (preemie) for not seeking his intercession more. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories.

Laura Pearl said...

What a beautiful, inspiring story. I will make it a point to remember to call upon your sweet little saint, Rebecca Irene. I may need her help in the coming months, as we face my father's terminal illness and try to figure out the best situation for taking care of my mom after he's gone.