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Friday, September 23, 2016

It's always something!

The inside of my house is still a mess.  Although, in two weeks the kitchen at least should be in full working order.  Sorting out the rest of the chaos and dust that comes with a renovation will probably take a bit longer.  In the meantime, I decided to at least make the front porch a little more welcoming.

So I headed to Lowes yesterday before picking the kids up from school and got a few little pretties to brighten up the porch. I am still tinkering with the height and adjustment of everything but this is it for now.  And knowing me...this is how it will remain until they are all dead or until it's time to put out the Christmas decorations.  Whichever comes first.

Yesterday after leaving Lowes I headed to school.  I got there about 20 minutes before dismissal so I took my place in the middle school car rider line.  I turned the car off and proceeded to pass the time by checking Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.  You know, the usual suspects.

Right at 3:00 the kids started pouring out of the school and I tried to crank the car up.  The lights on the dash came on but the engine would not turn over.

It was raining on my way to school and I realized that I had forgotten to turn my lights off. Although, don't you think that the battery should still be fine after only 20 minutes?  I hopped out of the car and asked the mom behind me if she had jumper cables but she did not.

Peter told the teacher on car duty what had happened and she had him go in to the school and ask the secretary to ask over the intercom if anyone in the school had jumper cables.

Meanwhile, the first mom I asked started walking up the car rider line asking other people for jumper cables.  In the meantime, my cell phone rang and one of the staff members had jumper cables and she was bringing her car around to save the day.  And another set of cables was also located just in case.

We got everything hooked up and one of the students whose dad and grandfather happen to be auto mechanics came over with her grandmother to help.

I was so very appreciative of all the helpful people!  We got the car started and I headed straight to Auto Zone.  They checked my alternator and it was fine and did not need to be replaced.  They also checked my battery and it was charged to 100% and did not need to be replaced.   However, I did purchase my very own set of jumper cables so the next time this happens I will be prepared! 


Madeline said...

So glad it was an easy jump situation! I hope you don't need those jumper cables for a long time unless you're helping someone else. I love your fall flowers!

Michelle said...

So pretty!