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Friday, August 26, 2016


Look at me!  3 posts in one week!  The kids must be back in school.  :)

It's Friday and you know how I like to link up with Kelly....

1.  Yesterday in my reno update, I mentioned that hopefully they would get the new windows in where the sink is going to go by the end of this week or early next week.  I could hear the contractor banging around downstairs and when I went to see what he was up to I found this:

And now I have three really pretty smaller windows in this spot!  I'll save that for a later reno update post but it's going to be really pretty.  The only problem is that I love me a lot of natural light and I've basically cut it in half by doing this so I'm going to have to adjust.  On a positive note however, it always got very hot downstairs in this spot so perhaps we will save some money on air conditioning! 

2. Yesterday while all this was going on in the house, I went next door and took care of these little beauties!

2.  And after about two hours worth of work, I went from this

to this...

3. I posted the following picture on Facebook and Instagram but I never put it here:

Sarah and I waited in line last Saturday for over two hours so Sarah could meet Kathleen Baker! Sarah and I were cheering her on when she won her silver medal in backstroke.  Her medal was unexpected and she was literally gushing on camera with excitement.  It was so cute!  And then she got to swim on the medley relay team and won the gold!  We were so happy. 

Kathleen is from Winston-Salem so she did a meet and greet last weekend before heading back to UC Berkley.  It was hot and the wait was long but I think Sarah would agree that it was worth it.

And when Sarah was looking through the pictures, she zoomed in on her fingernails and realized that she had Olympic rings painted on the white nails!  Leave it to Sarah to notice the nail polish!  :)

4.  Dan is finally home for a couple of weeks.  (At least I hope!)  He's home next week at least and I'm very happy about that.  Basically we got home from the Cape and he's been gone almost for 3 weeks straight.  He's got more trips coming up but they aren't scheduled yet so I'm just going to enjoy him while he's here!  Everyone is happier when Daddy is home!

5. Since Dan was gone while Jim Gaffigan was in town, I took my BFF to the show to be my date.  We had dinner before the show and enjoyed Jim.  It was a good show and the best part?  He came out and did his entire Hot Pocket bit as his encore!  That never gets old.  I was bummed when I saw on Instagram that he and his wife have decided not to do another season of his tv show.  I know they are busy but darn it!  I was hoping for a couple more seasons!

6.My brother's birthday was on teh 19th and we had a birthday lunch at my parent's house.  I'm not sure how it started but whenever we take a picture with Brad, we have to have one where is head is cut off.  I've got so many similiar pictures:

And we also usually have to take a picture where everyone is looking away from the camera:

My family is weird but I do love them!

7.  My plans today are to can some salsa.  I'm not using my normal recipe but I'm trying  a different one.  My mom had some people over for dinner and one of the women brought her a jar of homemade salsa.  We opened it a couple of nights later and literally at the whole thing in under 15 minutes.  It was delicious!  It was sweet and spicy and I'm hoping I can get mine to taste as good as hers!

Have a great weekend y'all!  And don't forget to head over to Kelly's to check out the other Quick Takers!


Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I wish I had some canning skills. That's one thing that I just never "got". Maybe someday . . .

I love the unexpected medal winners. They are always over the top happy. (It's even better when it's a US athlete!)

Love the goofy family traditions!

Madeline said...

I hope your salsa turns out well! I am super jealous of your produce. Glad everyone is home together for a bit. Enjoy your weekend together!

Mari said...

I never heard of anyone canning jalapenos before. Good for you for doing that and salsa too. Hooray for meeting an Olympic medalist!
Love the pictures and that Dan is home. :)