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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sound to Sea!

Sarah attended the 6th grade's field trip, Sound to Sea last week.  She had to be at the school by 6:15 last Wednesday morning.

We pulled up to the school, she got her things in the back of the charter bus, gave me a quick hug and hopped on the bus with her friends.  I hung around and chatted with the other parents until the bus pulled off.

Sound to Sea is a program that's held at the Trinity Center in Atlantic Beach, NC.  It was a three day environmental program that included a lot of hands-on activities during the day, exploring both the sound side of the Atlantic Beach as well as the beach, challenge courses, and special evening programs.

One of the parent chaperones sent me a few pictures:

And here are some pictures of some more of her classmates.  (Sarah's group got to do these same activities.)

When I picked Sarah up on Friday night, she was tired and sandy.  But she said they had a great time!  And I was so happy that they didn't get rain because the weather forecast looked pretty iffy last week.

Peter probably isn't going to be as lucky.  His class left bright and early this morning headed to Tennessee and unfortunately,  I think they will definitely be getting some rain.  They do all their activities rain or shine so I guess it doesn't matter.


Madeline said...

Those are really cool trips!! How fun for them!

Mari said...

What a fun trip! I know you really appreciated the getting those pictures. She looks happy!

Billie Jo said...

That's what I call a field trip!!!
She looks so happy!
Glad she's home safe and sound with her mommy. : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

That's such a great experience. (you'll never get that in public school!) Tired and sandy means:: FUN WAS HAD.
I hope Peter has a good experience; rain or shine.

Laura Pearl said...

What an awesome trip! Our kids used to do something similar here in NH in junior high; they called it "Nature's Classroom." They absolutely loved it.

But I think being by the ocean would be a lot more fun than being in the woods of NH!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on blog reading! I wish I had seen this sooner :). We live one county over now and love that area. I never got to go to Sound to Sea but my brothers did and my mom loved it so much she volunteered every single time! Such an awesome program they have there. So glad Sarah got that experience.