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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Science Expo!

Last night was the Science Expo! 

Sciene Expo is the culmination of  a 6 month long project where the middle school kids team up (or they can choose to do it alone), pick a topic, research it, create a hypothesis, perform an experiment, write a research paper detailing the experiment and their research and their results, create a display board and come up with an interactive experience for the lower school kids.

Whew!  And then finally it's Expo day!  During the day at school, the elementary kids go to all the different displays where the middle schoolers explain what they did and then do the interactive experience with them (a game or a demo).  Also during the day, a team of judges come around and groups explain their experiment.  In the evening, the whole school is invited back to see all the projects and then their are awards.

Sarah's group won 2nd place out of the 6th grade and Peter's group won Best Overall Experiment.

Dan unfortunately was out of town (Again!  This is the third week he's been gone in a row.)  But my parents were able to go. 

Here are the kids with their groups and their awards:



Madeline said...

How great! Good for them! But don't leave me hanging, what is the fastest way to cool a pop?

Mari said...

Good for them!
I think Peter grows a few inches every time you post a picture!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How fun!!! So glad the kids did well and I'm sure they had fun doing something different than their regular school work. Yes, I agree, Peter is growing by the minute!!!

Laura Pearl said...

Awww... I miss those school days. Cherish them--they will be gone before you know it.