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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Better than I thought.

Yesterday was the first track practice of the season.  The coach had to switch things up a bit this year due to some scheduling conflicts.  In the past, K-3 has practiced on Tuesdays and 4-8 has practiced on Thursdays and the whole team practiced together on Sundays.  This year though, she's having everyone practice on Tuesday and Thursday with no Sunday practice.

It's a bit of a bummer because Sarah will be swimming on Thursday evenings so we will only be able to make the Tuesday practices.  I asked if she wanted to try to do both on Thursdays and she felt like she wouldn't have enough time for her homework and she really, really, really, really wants to swim two nights a week.  (I love that she's worried about getting her homework done!)  So only going to half the track practices seems like the best alternative.

Track practice with all the grades went better than anticipated.  It was a bit chaotic at times but the kindergarteners actually listened very well (it helped that we had a lot of parent volunteers) and the big kids did a good job helping the little ones. 

At one point in the practice each of the grades was running sprints up a steep hill/incline.  The 8th and 7th grade went first and the Kindergartners were next.  The older kids waited at the top of the hill and then walked back with the little kids to make sure they were safe. 

I wish I had taken a picture of a bunch of 8th grade boys holding kindergartner's hands and walking with them and talking with them.  It was absolutely the sweetest thing. 

Sarah was running well although she complained of being very sore this morning.  And Peter, thanks to his height was able to outrun a couple kids he hasn't been able to outrun before. 

Hopefully we have great weather (I really hate standing out in the rain during track meets) and a good season because between scouts, track, swimming and homework, the schedule is starting to get a little crazy around here.  And I don't like crazy!


Madeline said...

Well now you know to have a camera ready at practices! Are you still the coach's assistant? That would be great for the yearbook or end of season slideshow or for the flyer next year. It sounds adorable!

Billie Jo said...

This post makes me realize spring is near!
And dare I say...that winter went fast! : )

Mari said...

A picture of the boys with the little kids would have been so cute!
Souns like you have a busy season ahead. :)