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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And we're off!


Today is the day!

We head to the airport around noon to start our adventure to Ireland. 

It's a scary time to be traveling due to the  latest terrorist attacks. The weather is going to be cold, rainy and gray in Ireland.   And I never got our taxes completed.

But we aren't going to let any of that stop us from enjoying our trip.  (Although I'm pretty sure the kids aren't really that worried about our taxes not being done, but it sure is annoying me!)

And since we will be visiting Down Cathedral which is the burial place of St. Patrick, I thought I'd share this:

If you think about it, we would appreciate prayers for safe travels and great memories made.


Lucky as Sunshine said...

Enjoy and have a safe trip !

Billie Jo said...

OH my friend!
Blessings and hugs for a wonderful, memory filled trip!!!

Madeline said...

Have a wonderful trip! You definitely have my prayers for a safe journey. Have a Bulmers for me would you?

Unknown said...

Croagh Patrick near Westport is a challenging hike, if you want to try it. Bring a walking stick.

Colleen said...

I'm so excited for you all!!! Ireland is the best :)

Mari said...

Lucky you! Have a great time!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Have a great trip!

Laura Pearl said...

Praying for you! Have a wonderful time!

Kelli said...

Have a wonderful time! Praying for safe travels.