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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Washington, DC - Day 2

Day 2 of our Washington DC birthday trip began with a run to the Alexandria Farmer's Market.  It is a quick couple of blocks walk from Cathy's house and it is just the best little market. It's held every Saturday morning in the town square.  There are fresh flowers, produce, baked goods, fresh eggs, crafts...a little bit of everything!

We all chose our pastries and headed back to Cathy's to enjoy them.  I got a homemade cranberry and apple pop tart and it was wonderful.  I wish I had one right now!

Walking home with a big bag of goodies!
After breakfast, we hopped into the car and headed 9 miles up the road to Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington.  Unlike the activities from the day before, we had to pay to get in.  It wasn't outrageous and it was totally worth the price but you do get spoiled with all the free things to do in DC!

 We were at Mt. Vernon for almost 4 hours.  There's a lot to see and we honestly could have stayed longer.  It doesn't take long to go through the house - in fact, they whisk you through pretty quickly.  But the grounds are extensive and there's a bit of walking to see the fields, the dock area, and the outbuildings.  They have demonstrations along the way which are interesting - weaving, metal working, cooking, etc.  And the museum at the visitor's center was quite large.  It took quite a bit to work our way through there and we were rushing it because we were all getting hungry.

Around 2:45 we headed back to Alexandria for a late lunch at District Taco.  It was very good.  Apparently they started as a food truck and had quite the following in DC and have since opened quite a few brick and mortar locations.

Later that evening we went to Mass at St. Mary's and afterward hurried home so the Halloween festivities could begin.

On the street and ready for treats!

Do you see all these people?  It was like that for the whole length of this street.  They block off Lee Street and there were thousands of people out. It had the vibe of a street festival.  This picture does not do the massive crowd justice.

Sarah had fun handing out candy with Aunt Cathy before and after she went trick-or-treating. In Alexandria, there are so many people coming through that people that are giving out candy just sit outside.

 After trick-or-treating, we headed inside for dinner and then birthday cake for Peter!

On Sunday, Cathy made yummy homemade waffles and then we packed our bags and headed home.  As always, it was a great trip!  Thanks, AC for having us again!


Madeline said...

We live in THE neighborhood here. Old mature trees and old pretty houses. We live on a busy street so we get almost no trick-or-treaters but for the most part, our neighborhood is packed. And people sit outside with fire pits and everyone tries to out-do one another. All this to say, that is NOTHING compared to that street!! Oh my! What a wonderful weekend you had!!

Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the candles on peters cake are so fun!

Unknown said...

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