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Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm hoping there's not too much of a resemblance!

When we were in D.C. Sarah and I checked out the display of all the First Lady's dresses at the Smithsonian.  It's a favorite exhibit of Sarah's and she asks to see it every time we are at the Museum of American History.

As we were admiring the dresses, she noticed a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt and said, "Wow, Mom!  She looks just like you!"

Did my daughter just tell me I looked like Eleanor Roosevelt?  She did!

When I told my husband about it later, his eyes got wide and he said, "That is not a good thing!"

This is the picture Sarah saw that they had  beside her dress:

But typically, when I think of Eleanor Roosevelt, I think of this:

So maybe in another 20 years or so I'll look like this??? 


Mari said...

:) I must say, that is a very nice photo of her. I don't see you looking like the other photo in 20 years though.

Mari said...
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Busy Bee Suz said...

No. Nope. Never gonna happen.
I think that first photo was photoshopped. :) Poor Eleanor, she wasn't hit with the 'pretty stick' was she.

Madeline said...

Well, first off I don't see it. At all. And secondly, at least it is the loveliest picture of Eleanor I have ever seen that she's comparing you to. But I still don't see it so I very highly doubt you're heading that direction.