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Friday, September 26, 2014

7QT: Money bath, St. Therese, Ronald McDonald's Grandmother!

1.  Peter took all the money from my purse (apparently I work at strip club now) and kept asking us to throw money on him.  He said he wanted a money bath.  And he wanted me to take a picture. And  he lamented the fact that they were merely ones and not hundreds.  Yes, son.  I'm with you on that.

2. Last Friday while Peter was at a sleepover, Sarah and I went shopping.  She needed some new clothes for fall.  Before our trip she told me that she wanted lots of cropped sweaters, shrugs and other pieces she could layer.  Um, okay.  Apparently in addition to make up vlogs, she's been checking out some fashion vlogs as well.

As soon as she walked into Target, she spotted footy pajamas with cat faces on the feet and begged me for the.  I reluctantly agreed because I think footy pajamas are ridiculous but she loves them (she convinced me to get her a pair last year too).  To me, they just seem like too much work to get into and out of. 

3.  At Kohl's she picked out 4 shirts.  And guess what they all had on them?  Cats.  Yes, cats.  So Sarah now has an entire wardrobe full of cat clothing and thinks it's the best thing ever.  And then she pointed out that cats must be the new trend for the fall.  We wondered if perhaps cats are going to be replacing owls.   I'm just thankful that she has to wear a uniform to school. (A cat-less uniform.)

4.Dan is now back home after a trip to Seattle and last week he was in London.  After work he had a little time for sightseeing and sent me a picture of himself in front of Big Ben.  I immediately sent him the following picture and said, "But do they have COSTCO???  I did not get a text in reply.

5. On Monday, the novena to St. Therese of Lisieux started.  St. Therese was a Carmelite Nun who lived a very simple life devoted to prayer.  Before her death, she said that she would spend her time in heaven doing good on earth and that she would "let fall a shower of roses". 

I get my novena prayer reminders from PrayMoreNovenas and when they sent the email reminder on Monday, they said to keep an eye out for roses since St. Therese likes to send them to people who are praying for intercession.

I prayed and went on my merry way.  I got my groceries at Aldi and while I was there, I picked up a bouquet of flowers.  I do this once a month or so.  They have the best little bouquets and they are usually right around $4 and they last about 10 days.  They always contain the same kind of ordinary (inexpensive) flowers.  For example, these are the flowers I picked up in August...

Nice $4 flowers.  This is pretty much what they always look like.   I grabbed the bouquet right from the center, tossed them in my cart, checked out, put my groceries in my car, headed to Walmart, shopped, and then went home.

At home, I unloaded the car, put away the groceries and then decided to trim the flowers and put them in the vase.  And guess what I found tucked away in the middle of my flowers?

A rose!!  Isn't it beautiful?  And doesn't it look a bit out of place among the ordinary flowers?  All the times I've bought these bouquets from Aldis there has never once been a rose in them! 

I guess St. Therese wanted to let me know she's praying for me!

6.  I was in Target/Kohls today looking for a new pair of boots.  It's finally time to retire my old ones.  They had lots of boots but none were exactly what I was looking for.  Either the heel was too high or the color was wrong.  Or the heel was right but there were a lot of buckles on the boot.  I guess I'll have to go to the mall.  I hate going to the mall!

7. Oh!  And speaking of the mall!  Sarah and I swung by Belk on our shopping trip last week.  I really needed some new foundation and I read about a particular kind from Estee Lauder on a makeup blog and decided I would skip my normal drugstore make up and spend a little more but hopefully get the right shade.

We approached the Estee Lauder counter where I could see a large woman hunched over the counter.  Her back was to us but I could tell by her outfit that she was the woman working the counter.  She turned around and asked if she could help me find something.  I almost took off running the other way.

Y'all.  Her make up looked horrible!  She had penciled in her lips waaaaaaaay outside her normal lip line and filled them in.  She looked like Ronald McDonald's grandmother.  And her eye makeup?  Oh my goodness!  As Sarah later said, "She looked like she had black eyes!"  It was a train wreck.  What the heck was the hiring manager at Belk thinking?  I let her help me find the right make up shade but I would think twice before I let her give me a make over.

Head on over to Jen's for more 7QT.  Have a great weekend!


Elise said...

Love no. 5! So beautiful, Beth!

Billie Jo said...

The rose...
The rose...
I love that.
My favorite novena...always.

Mari said...

I love the picture you sent to Dan. Peter is funny. He's find a very small shower in my wallet. I tend to use my debit card instead of cash.

Rosie said...

Oh my goodness, money bath! That kid is trouble!!!

Do you have a DSW nearby? So much more bearable than the mall :)

We told Cecilia (her middle name is Therese) that maybe there would be roses on the table when she woke up on St. Therese's feast day and she just about died of excitement!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm laughing at the money bath, the costco snapshot and ronalds G'ma!!! Sarah is so funny with her footie pi's. I'd find them too confining as well. Love the flowers!

Kelli said...

Love the money bath!!

deborah said...

Because Big Ben CANNOT compare with Costco! ;) Love it! Love Sarah's face!

And the make-up lady story gave me a chuckle. So good that you weren't going in for a makeover!

Laura Pearl said...

Love St. Therese. Don't love cats. (And hooray for school uniforms! I loved it that our boys wore them all through grade school.)

By the way, I Liebstered you today. :)