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Friday, August 29, 2014

What would happen if Amy Poehler and Greg Kinnear had a baby?

Dan and I are always on the lookout for a new tv show to put into the rotation.  This time of year is especially thin pickings but we recently started watching Welcome to Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden is created by and stars Greg Poehler who is Amy Poehler's brother.  Amy is also one of the executive producers.

It's a pretty good show.  Just the kind of show we like - quirky, minimal foul language, minimal sex jokes. I guess we are getting pretty old but it seems like lately a lot of shows start off really well and then quickly decline into down right filthy.  (I'm looking at you New Girl. You too, Happy Endings.)

Anyway, while I'm enjoying the show, every time I watch it I can't help but to think that if Amy Poehler had a baby with Greg Kinnear, the result would be Greg Poehler.

What do you guys think?

Amy Poehler

 Plus Greg Kinnear

Equals Greg Poehler

Am I right, people?  Or am I right?

 Even the name works!


jennwa said...

I agree !!!

Mari said...

You are right! And yes - even the name works!

Madeline said...

I wouldn't have thought this without you but it's spot on!

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't have put it together but I think you are onto something :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

YES!!! You are exactly correct on this mixing. LOL.
I find it crazy that most primetime shows are filled with innuendo…..or downright filth. I do love New Girl, but would never watch that show with my girls a few years ago.