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Friday, August 8, 2014

Prayers for Courtney

Today I'm asking for prayers for Courtney Lenaburg.

If you don't follow Mary's blog, you should. Mary is Courtney's mom and Courtney suffers from cerebral palsy and has grand mal seizures almost daily. Mary's blog details the daily challenges of being a caregiver for an adult child with many, many needs.

At a recent doctor's visit, the doctor told Mary that Courtney had only 1 to 3 years to live due to the effects these daily seizures have on her body.  Courtney has been having seizures since she was only a few weeks old.

Courtney will be celebrating her 22nd birthday on August 18th and they will be having a small gathering on the 16th.  Mary asked in an early post for any of her readers with kids to do a drawing in celebration of Courtney and send it to her to hang up as decoration.

I consider Mary a friend even though I've never met her in real life so I knew that we would be sending something.  Sarah has finished her masterpiece and we will be getting it in the mail in the next day or so.

When I got on Facebook this morning, I read that Courtney started having seizures around 10:00 last night and in less than two hours suffered from 5 of them.  By the time she was admitted to the hospital and hooked up to the drugs they use to control the seizures, she had 10 seizures.

For the first time (and they've had many hospital visits in the last 22 years), Mary and her husband signed a DNR.  I know how hard that was for us with  Rebecca and I can only imagine the struggle they had signing that last night.

As of now, Courtney has stabalized and they are waiting for the doctors to come on their morning rounds. 

Please pray for healing for Courtney and for peace and comfort for her family. 

And if you get the chance, please read Mary's Story from her blog.  I read this right before I had Rebecca and it brought me such peace and comfort knowing that no matter what happened with my girl, I could and would care for her as long as God let me. 

And that's exactly what Mary is doing.


Billie Jo said...

Praying with you, Beth.

Meghan said...

Me too. Beautiful post.

Diane Teague said...

Oh what love! Thank you for sharing this and I am and will be praying for them.

I also pray for you. Into the arms of Jesus.

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Oh Beth, praying for their family and will go over there and let them know as well. Thank you for posting about her.

jennwa said...

Praying for their family.

Jenny said...

what a beautiful witness of friendship. Praying for their sweet family.

Mary Therese said...

Thanks for this update, Beth. I've been following Courtney since you posted Mary's site a couple weeks ago and I was worried because I hadn't seen a post yesterday or today and was wondering. (Just now saw the latest update) Prayers coming. Our Lady of Fatima statue is at our parish today...I will go make a visit.

Madeline said...

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to pray for Mary, Jerry and Courtney.