Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Been farmin' long?

We planted the garden this weekend.  I love how happy the garden makes my husband.  And I really love how happy a tomato sandwich makes me!

Grow, baby, grow! Mamma needs a sammich!
We planted corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, peppers (all different kinds!), basil, and cilantro.  Is it July yet?

The kids wanted to get in on the gardening action this year.  But not the vegetable gardening.  They wanted to grow flowers.

So, Dan nailed some old two by fours together and created a flower garden just for them!  We let them each pick out four different types of flower seeds and they got busy planting.

Their approaches were so different - just like their personalities.

Peter planted each type of flower in it's own row and followed the instructions regarding how deep they should be planted and how far apart they should be spaced.  He did all of this with Dan's help.

Sarah on the other hand chose to plant her seeds in a pattern in the rows and she planted them at whatever depth she felt like and spaced as far apart as she wanted.  She did this with zero parental help and even at one point told me she wanted to do it all by herself and implied that I needed to give her some space. (aka - Go away!)

I am hoping and praying that they both have good results.  I would love to look out this summer and see lots of beautiful colors blooming in the backyard. 

Farmer Pete!

Working hard with Daddy

Farmer Sarah doing things her own way!

My little farmers!
My little goofball!


Kay said...

There is nothing like home grown tomatoes. Nothing! Hope yours (and mine) come up and yield more than we can eat. : ) And hope the flowers work out well too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that Peter gardens barefoot….just like my husband. :) I too hope they have good results with their flower beds; it is so nice when you can create something beautiful on their own.
This morning I picked about 5 HUGE maters, some hot and not so hot peppers….and we are eating them in a bean salsa tonight. I can't wait for you to enjoy your 'mater sammich too!

Mari said...

There is nothing like a home grown tomato! I like tomato sandwiches too.
I love that the kids have there own garden spot. Can't wait to see how they do. Somehow I'm not surprised that Sarah didn't plant hers in rows. :)

Madeline said...

I have the brownest of brown thumbs but luckily Husband is pretty good at it. We have seedlings or whatever they're called started inside but it's still too cold to move them. I can't wait for my tomatoes either. They never taste better than fresh off the vine.