Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Phone dump.

Here are a few pictures from our phones that we took while we were in Massachusetts.

We took the kids to Norumbega Tower. It is a stone tower that was erected by Eben Norton Horsford in 1889 to mark the supposed location of Fort Norumbega, a Norse fort and city. The gate at the bottom of the steps was chained but that didn't stop the kids and Dan from squeezing through and going to the top.  It did however stop me and Rebecca.  I  don't really squeeze into anything (other than my pants!) at this point.

We dug some old skates and hockey sticks out of the attic and headed to the pond Dan and his family used to skate on when they were kids.  It's just right across the street and through the woods.

And we couldn't be on Cape Cod without checking to see if Lewis Bay was frozen.  And it was!

The kids were excited when the pilot told them they could sit in the cockpit after the flight!

And one of my favorite photos:
Sarah made this tiny snowman.  The scarf is dryer lint.  The buttons and smile are bark (and a washer). The eyes are leaves and the nose and arms are tiny twigs.  And she said he was a French snowman since he was wearing a tiny acorn beret.  She named him Dave but later changed his name to Jerry. 


Mari said...

I love the pictures! That tower is really cool, and I can see the kids had a good time on the ice and in the plane. The snowman is adorable.

Billie Jo said...

The snowman! Love! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Dave, I mean Jerry is so cute. Talk about using your resources; lint??? HA.
I'm so glad your family found some fun during your un-fun trip. A testament to your happy hearts.