Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A pregnant, 84-year-old curmudgeon who loathes winter gives a retrospective look at last week's snow...

Last Wednesday afternoon around 12:30, it started to snow.  And it continued to snow and ice here until Thursday afternoon around 3:30.  And for this part of North Carolina, that's a lot of snow and ice.  In fact, I believe I heard the weathermen say that we haven't gotten that much snow in 15 years. 

Needless to say, my Facebook page was bombarded with people playing in the snow and building snowmen and having snowball fights and BLECH!  I was totally over it all before the snow even stopped.

Blame my pregnancy, blame the fact that I'm really an 84-year-old curmudgeon at heart, or blame the fact that I loathe snow and cold weather.  Whatever the case, I was over it.

I almost posted pictures of my kids at the beach on my Facebook page in retaliation.  But I thought better of it and just slowly backed away from Facebook until the snow pictures ceased.  Bring on warm weather I say!

And lest you think I'm a total grump, my kids did play in the snow with their friends.  And my plan was to trudge down to the my parents backyard where they sled and take some pictures for posterity's sake (just not for my Facebook page) but the timing didn't work out.

We went to my friend Jennifer's house and I sat inside and talked with her while the kids played outside and that just seemed so much better than trying to be outside taking pictures.  Again - pregnant, curmudgeon, snow-hater....

But, here are a few pictures of our long snowy weekend.  (The kids also had Monday off for President's Day so we got to spend a lot of "quality" time together.  However, I have very few pictures to show for it.)

We did make snow cream.  Three large batches of it.  Sarah and I ate way more of it than Peter.  Snow cream always reminds me of my grandmother Lois.  I have fond memories of eating the snow cream that she used to make!

Why does this smile look so forced?  Oh, right...pregnant, curmudgeon, snow-hater.

Dan and I always give the kids treat bags on Valentine's Day.  Here they are right after they managed to roll out of bed around 10:00 to open them.  (Well, to be fair, Peter was up much earlier.  Sarah's the one that could sleep all day!)

Here's the obligatory snow-covered house and yard picture which I managed to snap while checking to see if the mail had been delivered.  And in case you are wondering, no it had not.  I think the mailman took a two day vacation as well!
When I picked up the car from the shop on Monday, the mechanic who laughed at me gave me this.  I immediately gave it to my brother who collects scrap metal for profit.  I figure someone should profit from my largeness.
Thankfully, yesterday the kids went back to school and the temps were in the low 60s. 

But we did have thunder and lightening last night which according to all the old wives means snow in 7 - 10 days.  I'm not even going to think about that.  I'm just going to enjoy the rain and high 60's we are experiencing today. 


Mari said...

I feel your pain. I'm downright curmudgeonly about the snow here too! Hoe that old wives tale isn't true for you!

Madeline said...

Well from this curmudgeon who lives much farther North and got A LOT of snow I can offer solidarity for sure! Hope it just stays nice for you!

Amelia Bentrup said...

This winter has been epic. Epic! I think just about everyone is sick of snow and ice.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, you might be a curmudgeon....but you are a funny curmudgeon! I wish I could send you some heat and sun!!