Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

This morning Dan and I are going to another ultrasound to check on baby girl.  This ultrasound will give doctors more information about all of her  health issues before her delivery.

And as always, we thank everyone for their continued prayers!

Before Peter and Sarah were born, we kept their names a secret.   We knew the sex of the baby and shared that information but we wanted to keep the name between the two of us until the big day. Plus, that kept people from telling us they hated the name because they knew someone in 3rd grade with the same name who was a big jerk.  (For some reason, people don't mind giving their opinions on a name before the baby is born.  Something they would never do after the baby is born, though.)

And that was always my plan with this little one.  But it just seems more important to start calling her by her name now so that we could start praying for her by her name, so last night, we told the kids her name:

Rebecca Irene Cotell

(I think Sarah was a little disappointed that we didn't use the name she chose - Stella.  Nothing against any Stella's out there but...

Since her parent's names are Daniel and Elizabeth and her siblings are Peter and Sarah, we knew her first name was going to be a name from the Bible.

And since her brother's middle name is Robert (named after Dan's father) and her sister's middle name is Donna (named after my mother) we knew this baby's middle name would either be George (my dad) or Irene (Dan's mom).  And since she's a girl, Irene it is!  (But just so my Dad doesn't feel totally left out of the name game, his mom's middle name is also Irene.)  Our little lady is named after two extremely strong and God-fearing women.

Irene was a given once we found out we were having a little girl but we went back and forth on the first name.  I had a favorite. Dan had a favorite.  And of course, they weren't the same.

I love Jennifer Aniston.  (And please do not even get me started on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!  Yes, I realize it was a long time ago but  Team Jenn!)

So when I told Dan I wanted to name her Rachel, he immediately started giving me a hard time saying it was because of my crush on Jennifer Aniston and the fact that her name was Rachel Green on Friends.  In fact, if I remember correctly, I originally wanted to name Sarah Rachel but Dan put up the same argument and I liked the name Sarah better with Donna anyway so all is well that ends well.

And the funny thing about the name Rachel Green is that we know a Rachel Green.  She is sweet, smart, funny, kind and really, wouldn't Rachel be the perfect name?

But, alas, Dan couldn't seem to get over the fact that he felt like I was naming our daughter after a character on an old TV show.  However, he told me that if I really loved that name, (and I would like to reiterate that while I do love that name, it has nothing to do with Rachel Green from Friends) we could call her Rachel.

But I was torn because I wanted him to like the name too.  So I decided to think about his pick - Rebecca - long and hard.

So I thought and I prayed and I thought and I prayed and I thought some more and I was still stuck.

And then I began to pray for her using the name Rebecca and well, now that's her name!  

Please continue to pray for miraculous healing for little Rebecca Irene Cotell.

(And Sarah is already very excited to start calling her Becky even though I think I prefer Becca.) 


Erica Saint said...

Beautiful name! Praying for you and Rebecca.

Mari said...

I love her name and the reasons behind it. I happen to know both a Becky and a Becca and they are both beautiful, God fearing women!

Billie Jo said...

Beth... you chose a beautiful name...
and thank you for sharing.

Now I have a name to place with the prayers I am offering for her and her beautiful family. : )

Aimee said...

Rebecca Irene - just beautiful, I love it! And now I can write her name into our family prayer intention book. :)

Madeline said...

I love her name. We will be praying by name for your dear Rebecca.

Madeline said...

Oh and I am still Team Rachel too. Angelina Jolie creeps me out.

Elise said...

What a beautiful name, Beth. Continued prayers for you and Rebecca Irene.

Kim said...

beautiful name. Funny--I always wanted to name one of mine Rachel too but my husband also has issues with it for assorted reasons. Its very pretty though. Rebecca is beautiful also. I love the mn Irene as well and find it very underused. My last baby's mn is also Irene, and I love it. It means peace.

Jamie said...

Rebecca Irene is a very pretty name. Irene was Keith's grandmother's middle name and she was a beautiful servant of God. (I prefer "Becca" over "Becky" too, but you know I'm partial to names that end in 'a'!)

Emily said...

What a beautiful name. I understand wanting to keep the name a secret...we did the same thing. But there is also something special about praying for her by name.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Rebecca Irene is a gorgeous name….fitting of a little princess!
I laughed about your name choices. I DO love Jennifer Anniston (Team Jenn) and Rachel is a favorite of mine…..and HELLO, that is also a biblical name. :)
Loved this post and now I'm not just praying for Beth's girl…I'm praying for Rebecca Irene.

Housewifespice said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing her name with us. Definitely praying for Rebecca Irene!

Rebekah Es said...

Well, it just so happens I think this is an incredibly beautiful name! And as an aside, my parents debated up until my birth Rachel vs. Rebekah, and chose as you did!

Susan H. said...

Oh, I just love that you shared her name with us! Rebecca is such a strong, biblical name. Isn't it wonderful when the older siblings share in the anticipation of a new baby??

Kathryn Whitaker said...

It's a beautiful name, Beth. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with my readers, too!