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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Favorites: The "What This Pregnant Lady Is Eating" Edition

I'm joining up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites.

These are my top 5 favorite foods that I've been eating during my 1st trimester of pregnancy.

1. BLT sandwiches with extra mayo.  I love me some bacon and lots of mayo.  And I think this baby feels the same way!  I've probably had 2-3 BLTs a week since I found out I was pregnant.

2.  Hamburgers with cheese.  A lot of melty drippy cheese.  Nothing beats a juicy burger with lots of cheese (and lots of mayo).  I had a delicious one the other day at Mozelle's.  The cheese?  Melted pimento cheese.  Oh my!  It was delightful! (This Mozelle's Pimento Cheese Burger is pictured with fries.  I had mine with Kettle Chips and Ranch Dressing and they were divine.)

Image Source

3.Baked potato with with cheese.  A lot of melty drippy cheese.  And Ranch Dressing.  And jalapenos. I have been enjoying these for lunch now for the past couple of weeks.  Delish!  And quick if you heat the potatoes in the microwave.
Image Source

4.  Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese Toasts.  Are we sensing a theme here with the cheese and the jalapenos?  I have made these a couple of times this pregnancy and would really love  a huge plate of them right now! (Recipe here!)

5. Jalapeno Cilantro Dip.  I made this so many times when I found out I was pregnant that I think I had my fill.  Although it's been several weeks now that I've had any and now might be a great time to make some more.  We are still getting jalapenos from the garden! (Recipe here!)

Needless to say, I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I've gained 12 pounds!  YIKES!  Someone needs to tell this baby to lay off of the meat, cheese, mayo, Ranch, and jalapenos.  (But does any pregnant person ever crave fruits and vegetables?)

All right, I'm off to find something to eat!


Colleen said...

That first trimestser is the worst with cravings. Nothing sounds good to me, and my belly can't handle anything most of the time, but if I don't eat every couple hours I get sick. I survived with lots of egg salad (must be the mayo!) and candy. With my boys, I CRAVED citrus fruits and popsicles for the whole pregnancy, but with my girl and this unknown one, it's donuts and chocolate and sweets.

Mari said...

Looks like the baby loves cheese! And a BLT sounds pretty good right now.

Kelli said...

With each pregnancy I loved eating as well. I craved cheese and sweets with all three.

I may need to make myself a BLT for lunch today because yours looked wonderful!

Billie Jo said...

With my last three, I wasn't able to eat at all the first few months. I remember nibbling on apple slices. Of course I made up for it later with bowls of sugary cereal at all times of the day! I loved Lucky Charms.

I must have overdone it because only one of my kids will even eat cereal!

Enjoy, my friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So and your cheese. :) Isn't it funny how hungry you feel all the time though? Crazy.
When I was preggers with my first daughter, I could not stand the sight or smell of a burger. Not even a billboard! I did love fruit though. And ice-cream. :) I gained 50lbs!!! You are doing great.

Grandma T said...

All the pics look delish!! Just hope all the Jalapeno doesn't give the baby indigestion!! Or, is that an 'ole wives tale!! :)