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Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - What Is It?

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday and once again I'm linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

1.  What the heck is this??

Yesterday, Sarah grabbed a notebook and a pen and said, "I'm going outside to do an inspection."  I wasn't sure what that meant but a few minutes later she came running back in and exclaimed, "You've got to see what I found!"

So we went running outside so I could inspect her inspection find.  It was pretty cool, and pretty gross at the same time.  There were actually two on the tree and they were hanging as if they were trying to blend in with the leaves.

I came back inside and Googled "centipede leaf camoflauge"  and "insect red dot green leaf" and got no where. Then I Googled "oak tree insect" and also got nowhere.  Hopefully this is just some harmless insect in hiding and not an oak tree eating bug that's going to kill Dan's little oak tree.

He took some seedlings that had sprouted around an oak tree in the yard at his parent's house on Cape Cod, brought them back to North Carolina and grew them until one became big enough to plant in our back yard.  It's probably about 4 feet tall now (I guess it's about  4 years old now).  He likes to joke that his great grand kids will be able to use it as a shade tree. He also occasional will ask my parents if his giant oak tree is putting too much shade on their house.

2.  Yesterday I had lunch with my Care Group from my MOMs Club.  This club started as a Mothers of Preschoolers group but as our children aged out, we switched it to Moms on a Mission so anyone with infants to elementary aged kids could participate.  This group of ladies (minus one who was unable to attend) are all right around my old age.  We really bonded last year among all of the late twenty and early thirty somethings in our group. 

We haven't gotten together since the end of May and we had a lot to catch up on.  These ladies are so thoughtful too.  There were baby goodies and Target gift cards galore waiting on me!  Blessed and spoiled...that's me!

3. And of course, we split some delicious baked pimento cheese and I had a huge cheeseburger with bacon and fried pickles.  YUM!

4.  Peter and Dan are going camping with the Cub Scouts this weekend.  So Sarah and I will most likely be spending Saturday at the mall.  The Father/Daughter dance is coming up in November and you know what that means.  You've got to have a new dress! 

5.  Simcha Fisher shared this link on her blog earlier this week.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  It's a recording of crickets "singing".  There are two tracks being played on top of each other.  The first track is how the crickets sound at normal speed.  The second track has been slowed down.   Take a listen.  You won't regret it! 

6. My mom is excitedly planning a baby shower for me.  At first I told her that I didn't think that would be right since I've already had two kids and had already had my baby shower. However, she stated that since I have absolutely nothing left from either one of those two "babies", a baby shower would be perfectly acceptable.  And since I have had lots of people express interest in buying gifts for the baby, I have now decided to go along with this whole baby shower business.  I am evening looking foward to opening lots of wee little things.

7.  I'm reading Stormie Omartian's new book, Prayer Warrior.  She wrote this book to help people have a meaningful prayer life that is more than just asking for blessings.  I have several of her other books and can't wait to get into this one!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Billie Jo said...

Ohhhhh enjoy that baby shower, my friend!

Madeline said...

I think it is a polyphemus moth caterpillar.

Have a great girls weekend!

Mari said...

A baby shower sounds like a great idea! I bet that prayer book is going to be good, I've read a few of her books and enjoyed them.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Suburban Correspondent said...

Congrats (belated) on your pregnancy! Friends gave me a shower for my 6th baby - it's surprising how many things I was given that I had forgotten I would need. And it was just a lot of fun.

Busy Bee Suz said...


I think a baby shower is needed! Woot WOOT!