Monday, September 16, 2013

WIWS and a Weekend Update

So here's my less than stellar What I Wore Sunday outfit (which I actually wore to Mass on Saturday evening).   I wasn't even going to photograph it but Sarah grabbed the camera and insisted.  So I played along.  However, in typical sweet Sarah fashion, she snapped about 50 pictures without holding the camera still so most of them are blurry.  Here's the best I got...

Shirt: Tarjay
Pants: TJ Maxx (Or Marshalls...I always get those two confused.)
Shoes: Tarjay (From a long time ago...probably need to update the brown wedges next spring!)

For more Sunday inspiration, head on over to Fine Linen and Purple.

On Sunday, we headed to Childress Vineyards with my parents and my brother to celebrate my birthday and Dan's birthday.

After a yummy lunch there, we headed back to my parents house for birthday cake.  It was yummy too.

And for some reason, we decided that Sarah should be in charge of taking pictures of us with the cake.  And as usual, she took about 50 pictures and they were all blurry.

And my hair was doing something really weird.  I got some really subtle side bangs a few weeks ago and sometimes they have a life of their own....

Sarah insisted we do a crazy face in one picture.  Notice how we both made the same face.  13 years of marriage (and five years together before that!) and it's like we share the same brain.

After lunch and cake and a quick errand or two, Dan and I hit the couch to watch some football and the kids were doing their own thing.  The phone rang and it was one of Sarah's friends wanting to know if she wanted to go the lake for some tubing.

Sarah was thrilled.  We don't own a boat (well, we used to but that was waaaaaay back in the day before we had kids) and Sarah's never been tubing so of course we said yes and sent her on her merry way.

Here she is heading out the back door to the neighbor's house....

She looks so big and yet so little here as she's heading off for a fun evening without me...

Once she was out the door, Peter started asking if we could go to the Halloween store.

Yep, that's right.  As soon as September hits, my kids start perusing the internet for Halloween costumes and then  begging to go to the Halloween store.

Since we weren't doing anything else, I convinced Dan to go and off we went.

Here were a few of Peter's favorite masks...

And after 45 minutes we were finally able to get him out of the store.  We didn't buy anything because I know my kid.  If we buy something now, he will wear it for the next 6 weeks and want something new right before Halloween.  Plus, he enjoys the search for the Halloween costume almost as much as the actual owning and wearing of the Halloween costume and I figure we're going to have to go back to this store at least once more with Sarah so we might as well hold off on the actual purchase as long as possible.

And that, in a very large nutshell, was most of our weekend!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I think your outfit is superduper cute; love your top!
I'm glad you had a great birthday the silly/angry faces. :)
My girls used to do the whole 'Halloween" thing back in the day: fretting about costumes....oye, it used to annoy me. Good luck with that! LOL

Billie Jo said...

So...I first thought you had angel wings on in that first picture! You look great, btw!

And Halloween! We are all about that here. But yes...I know all about getting a costume and wearing it all month and then wanting/needing another one for Halloween... Rhett is know for that here!

Happy Birthday, one more time! : )