Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WFMW - Sometimes simple is brilliant!

Jennifer came over on Friday evening to pick up her kids who had been playing at our house.

As she was leaving, she exclaimed, "That's brilliant!"

She was referring to this note that I had posted on the garage door, the door that my family always uses to enter and exit our home.

I had to take snacks to Sarah's basketball game the next morning.  Anytime I need to remember something like that, I always post a note on the back door.

I've tried posting notes in other places but that usually doesn't work for me.  If the note is in the office or by the telephone, I'm going to see it 20 times before I leave for the basketball game, but that's not going to mean I'm going to remember the snacks as we are rushing out the door in an attempt not to be late.

I've tried putting the things I need to take with me on the kitchen table or by the telephone (which seems to be my station for all things important - or at least where important things pile up!), but typically if they have been there for a while, they become part of the landscape and I tend not to see them, which means I forget them.

So what works for me is a note on the back door so that it is the absolute last thing I see as I leave the house!

I know it's simple, but sometimes simple is brilliant!  ;)

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