Thursday, January 31, 2013

Like winning the lottery and Christmas...almost.

How is it Thursday already?  And Thursday afternoon at that?

I spent Tuesday morning at the Verizon store with my parents helping my mom to get a smart phone!

A smart phone!  My mother!

That's something I never thought I would ever do.  Although we did that the day after I helped her set up a Facebook page which is another thing I thought I would never do.

A Facebook page!  My mother!

And since I never thought I would win the lottery, I guess I better go buy a ticket because don't things like this always come in threes?

So that was Tuesday and then yesterday was Student Appreciate Day at school and I spent the whole day there volunteering.

Student Appreciation Day is always held during Catholic Schools Week and for my kids, it now ranks right after Christmas.  Seriously, Sarah had been looking forward to it for weeks and had even been counting down the days.

They got to spend the whole morning moving from activity to activity (on their own without teachers!).  The activities included Wipeout, tie-dying t-shirts, paracord bracelet making, basketball, field hockey, spa, cheerleading, bingo,Tai Chi and many more. 

Then they all had pizza parties in their rooms.  After lunch grades K-3 watched a juggler perform and then had an ice cream sundae party.  And the older kids went roller skating.

See?  Almost as good as Christmas!

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The Amazing Trips said...

I love the sound of Student Appreciation Day! Why didn't they ever have that when I was a student?!

Also, yes, yes = parents with Smartphones and Facebook accounts. I absolutely love to see that my (almost) 80-year old mother is so easily navigating this digital age. Thank you Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!! :)