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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WIWS - Edition: Old Purple Sweater and some double chins.

Once again I'm playing with the What I Wore Sunday crowd.

And once again, my outfit is less than thrilling.

I tried this long, old purple sweater with a pair of leggings that I bought when I saw so many other cute outfits with boots and leggings being worn on Sunday.  But then I realized that I really needed a different style long sweater and lo and behold I didn't have any black boots to go with my black leggings. So I ended up looking a bit like an ill-clothed hooker. Not the look I typically strive for on Sunday mornings (or any morning for that matter!).

Nothing like scrambling and muttering and not-cussing as one is getting ready to go to church. 

Since I had the shirt and sweater on already and the clock was ticking, I grabbed some black skinnies and voila.  My less than stellar outfit:

Sweater: Kohl's
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Kohl's
Shoebooties: Target

And because my husband is out of town, the photographer this morning was my eight-year-old.  And this is what she did when I told her to stop:

 "Okay, honey, that's good.  Stop taking pictures.  We're late to church! Don't make me go all crazy-eye on you!"
 I said, "Stop taking pictures!"
"I warned you! Give me that camera or my double chins will attack!!"

Head on over to Fine Linen and Purple and see what the other less-harried and double-chinned folks wore to church today.


Mari said...

Ha! Love the non-stop photo action! But seriously - you look good. I like the sweater and skinnies too!

-Kinsi- said...

I have a similar series of pics that my husband took a couple weeks ago ;-) Glad to know he listens about as well as an eight-year-old! Heh.

Courtney said...

Very cute! Both the outfit and the post. BTW, your hair has gotten so long. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

You look great in purple Beth! And I can't figure out the leggings-as-pants trend, either. The black real- pants were a good choice, I think. :-)

Deme Crinion said...

the black skinnies totally work :) Love that purple sweater!

Anonymous said...

You look great....even your double chins are kinda cute!


Colleen said...

You look awesome - all my clothes are from Kohls or Target too :)

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

Hahaha I love those pictures! That's how it is when my husband gets a hold of the camera! Cute sweater! :)

Emily said...

Haha your pictures are so cute! I love Kohl's and Target.. definitely my favorite stores. Thanks for joining our linkup!

Lisa said...

Love the photo-op. :) That sweater is so cute!