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Monday, December 10, 2012

WIWS - Edition: Beef. It's What's For Dinner. Not for chuch.

I got an email last week from someone at Kohl's who apparently spends her work days searching the internet for people who mention Kohl's in their blog posts.  She kindly pointed out that I did not leave links to the jewelry department or to the cami department in my last What I Wore Sunday post and it would benefit my readers if I had done so.  She then supplied the links and asked me to put them in my blog post.

I did because I'm nice that way and because she supplied them to me.  And because I felt sorry that she wasted her time because all 6 of my readers had already read that post and I doubted that anyone else was going to stampede their way to my two-week-old blog post and wish like crazy that they had a link to the necklace department so they could search for the necklace that I had purchased from Kohl's most likely 5 or 6 years ago.

Anywho, I went back and edited that blog post but I hope she doesn't think I'm doing that on my own every week. Now maybe if Kohl's was giving me free merchandise, then maybe I would consider it but they haven't come to me yet with this offer links this week. (And you know, as usual, half my outfit came from Kohl's.)

Although, she did give me a coupon code for 10% off which can be layered on top of other department codes.  Not sure where you would get a department code but department code is not the same as the normal 10%, 20% or 30% codes you can normally get off your total purchase at Kohl's.  I guess a department code is specific to a particular department in Kohl's.  Like maybe they have special 20% off bra codes?  I don't know.

If you are interested, the code is TENBLOG.

Onward and upward to what I wore to church this week.

Poncho - Kohl's (from the clearance rack and after looking at these pictures I'm starting to realize why. Not super flatering.I think it might look better with different pants and a different shirt underneath.)
Shirt - Lands' End
Pants - Kohl's
Shoes - Target

My original plan was to wear this poncho-thingy with some plum-colored pants that I got from (you guessed it!) Kohl's from the Simply Vera collection.  I had been wanting a pair of colored pants (And yes, I'm always very late to a trend if you haven't figured that out yet!).  So I purchased these plum skinnies which looked really good on me in the store.

But when I put them on at home I was aghast.  They were waaaaaaaaay too tight for normal wear and would have been scandolous at church and the color?

Oh the color!  You can't make it out very well in the picture but the plum is mixed with sort of an iridescent blackish color.  So in addition to being way to tight, the color screamed, "I'm going to a club!"

When Dan saw them he shouted, "Everybody dance now! Bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bomp." (And you can thank me later for having that song stuck in your head all day!")

So they are in a bag waiting to be returned the next time I go to Kohl's.

I told Dan I think sometimes dressing rooms are not only equipped with skinny mirrors but also have some sort of hallucinogen piped in that makes you think something looks fabulous and then you get home, the drug wears off, and you are left with shiny, beef-colored pants.

Head on over to Fine Linen and Purple to see what everyone else wore on Sunday!


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Mari said...

I think you do a fine job of advertising for Kohls and should get some freebies too!
I agree about those dressing room mirrors. :)

Aimee said...

Haha- beef colored pants! I just laughed so hard I almost peed my pants, which at this point is not too hard, but still. And your hubby's comment cracked me up, too. :)