Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Way to Remove Ear Wax

Are you growing carrots in there is a question my husband frequently laughingly asks my son whenever he can see earwax in his ears.

I had never heard that expression before but apparently my husband's father used to ask him the same thing and it always makes me look at the carrots we are struggling to grow in our garden and wonder if perhaps we should be growing them in earwax instead of dirt...

It is a constant struggle to keep the ear wax from oozing out of my son's ears.  I know that sounds gross but I think he produces more than the rest of us.

And he hates it when I come at him with a Q-tip but if I didn't, it would be dripping out of his ears.

I have found a way that is a little bit easier than just going at it with a plain Q-tip.

Dip the Q-tip in a little hydrogen peroxide first and then wipe the wax out of the ear canal.  Dip the other end in more hydrogen peroxide and wipe the rest of the ear clean.  

The hydrogen peroxide really helps loosen up the wax and makes the job a little quicker which my son appreciates.  And I like to think that if there really are any carrots (or other things!) growing in there, the hyrdrogen peroxide helps kill them which I really appreciate!

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jennwa said...

I will need to try this :) Thanks