Sunday, October 7, 2012


I listen to K-Love Radio.  If you aren't familiar with K-Love, it is a listener-supported Christian radio station that is on in many markets across the country.

They are currently doing their annual pledge drive to raise money to keep them on the radio for another year.  As I was listening to their request for money, I felt a little tugging at my heart.

Really, God?  Give money to K-Love?  Yes, I know I listen to them all the time but we already give to the church and to...

And I began mentally listing off all of the other charities we support.  Another donation just seemed like too much - especially in light of the fact that our car was in the shop most likely on it's last leg.

God, I just feel like I already give too much.

And then I heard these words:

Until you've given it all, nothing is too much.

And then I saw an image of Christ hanging on the cross and I realized I haven't really given anything. And yet somehow, have received everything.


Jamie said...

Fantastic point!

Kim said...

Beautiful illustration, needed reminding of this today!

deborah said...

Amen. I have so totally been there with thinking of "how much" I give and then I realize what I'm doing and say, "Seriously?"

I've never even come close to the widow in the Bible who gave everything she had.