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Monday, March 21, 2011

What's big and pink? My pants, apparently!

I spent all of last week volunteering at the Scholastic Book Fair at the kid's school.  I was there every day, all day for a week.

Peter rubbed his little hands together in anticipation and asked, "So, Mom, how much are you getting paid?"

He was disappointed when he learned that "volunteer" equals "no pay". 

One night last week as the kids were getting ready for bed, Sarah went running through my room naked as a jay bird.  She went to my dresser, pulled open a drawer and yanked out a pair of my fleece pajama bottoms.  She loves this particular pair of pants because they are predominately pink.  However, I can't wear them because they are so thick and hot and I am starting to sweat right now at the mere thought of putting them on.

She pulled on the pants and started hooting and hollering in front of the mirror.  Pretty soon the whole family was in the bedroom laughing hysterically at the sight of Sarah in my pants. 

"Look how big those pants are!"

"Daddy, take my picture!"

"Mommy, your pants are HUGE!"

"Put the picture on your blog, Mommy!"

I did not find the whole thing as funny as the rest of my little family but I love them, so here is Sarah in my (apparently) giant pants. 


Pam said...

Bahaha! She does look pretty funny in those pants, especially with the waist around her neck!

(What I am not too sure about is the connection between the book fair and the fleece pajama pants?)

Beth Cotell said...

There's absolutely no connection between the book fair and my pants. This was just me thinking and typing - a dangerous combination!

Pam said...


Corey~living and loving said...

TEE HEE.....I got so sidetracked with the pics...I forgot all about the book fair. LOL

Motherwise said...

Console yourself with the thought that someday she will have HUGE pants too. And hopefully, a kid willing to point that out for her as well.

Anonymous said...

ha! those picts are great!!!