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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was a few minutes early to my weekly volunteering gig in Sarah's classroom and the teacher was finishing up what sounded like a discussion on famous people. 

Many of the kids had their hands raised and when the teacher called on them they were saying things like "Drew Brees" and "Michael Jackson" and "Dale Earnhardt Jr." and "my Dad because he was in the newspaper".

The teacher began giving directions for a writing assignment on famous people and I noticed that Sarah still had her hand up.  I motioned for her to put it down because it was clear the teacher was moving on. But she persisted in the way that elementary kids do when they have something really, really important to say. Her right arm was propped up by her left arm and her right hand was waving wildly back and forth in the air.

Finally the teacher noticed and paused from her instructions and said, "Sarah, do you have something you want to add?"

"I know another famous person."

"What famous person do you know Sarah?

"Me!  Because I'm going to be a famous singer when I grow up!"

She looked over at me beaming with pride and all I could think was maybe we picked the wrong dress for the Mother-Daughter Tea after all.


Mari said...

Ha! I love that!

Annikke said...

Gotta admit... that is adorable!

RR Mama said...

I love it!!