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Monday, December 20, 2010

Loaves and fishes...buns and hot dogs. However you tell it, it's still a miracle!

My mom and dad were asked to prepare and serve chicken stew to their church after the children's play on Sunday evening.  My mom asked my brother to cook the stew and Dan and I were going to help in the kitchen and serve the meal.  Peter and Sarah were to play quietly in the background while we were working.

In addition to chicken stew the meal was to include hot dogs for the kids and for any adults who didn't want chicken stew.

My brother had two giant vats of chicken stew going and we cooked up 60 hot dogs.  We had 80 but somehow we only had buns for 60.  I have that problem at home too...seems like my dog count and my bun count never match up.

We looked out of the kitchen and guesstimated that there were at least 75 to 100 folks out there.  I started to get uneasy because I knew that many adults were going to want stew and hot dogs.

It was 6:00 and time to start serving.  Mom and Dad were in charge of serving the stew and Dan and I were in charge of serving and dressing the hots dogs.  Dan looked at the long line of people waiting to be served and said, "We are going to run out of buns."

And sure enough, almost everyone that came through the line wanted chicken stew and a hot dog.  My stomach grew a little queasy and then I prayed, "God help us have enough hot dogs buns. Amen."

We continued to serve and for every one that didn't want a hot dog with their stew, I said a little prayer of thanks.  And then there was the woman who said, "I don't want a hot dog."  Thank you Lord! I prayed.  "Just give me a bun with chili and slaw," she continued.

I laughed and thought to myself, "Good one God!  You have such a great sense of humor!"

As the line dwindled, so did the hot dog buns.  There were about 10 people left in line and less than that many buns.  And I felt my stomach sink when I realized there several teenagers in line.  Surely they are going to want hot dogs.

But what do you know!  The teenagers wanted chicken stew only!  We completed serving dinner with exactly zero buns left and everyone that had wanted a hot dog had received one with a bun.

And just like God  - It was perfect!  A true loaves and fishes moment - 2010 style!


Pam said...


Mari said...

I love this - thanks for sharing it!

Laural Out Loud said...

What a great story!!

Kimberly said...

Awesome Awesome!! This is the best story I've heard in quite a while.

Here's a quote from my pastor's sermon this past Sunday
"God specializes in impossible situations!"

Even if the situation is hot dog buns!