Thursday, December 9, 2010

If Mommy won't buy one for me then I'll make one myself...or maybe call Grandma!

"Mom?  Do you know those shirts that have Jack-o-Lanterns on them at Halloween and Santa on them at Christmas and hearts on them at Valentine's Day?"  Sarah quizzed me after school on Monday.

"Yep.  Holiday shirts.  I know what you are talking about," I replied knowing where this conversation was headed.

"Why don't you ever get me any of those?  All of my friends at school have them." 

Um...because I'm cheap and they seem like a waste of money.

I didn't respond that way but that's what I was thinking.  I've seen the holiday shirts and they are adorable but a shirt that can only be worn a few times each season and then outgrown by the next seems frivolous to me.  

That night at bedtime, she had her markers out and asked me for a white shirt.  She told me she was going to make a holiday shirt since I wouldn't buy her one. The thought of her wearing a t-shirt to school that she had drawn on saddened me a little so I told her I was headed to Target the next morning and would get one for her.

I guess she wanted to have all of her bases covered in case I didn't buy her one because I found this hidden on the other side of her bed the next afternoon:

She took stickers and spelled out "reindeer".  (Which would explain why she came downstairs with a pad and pen after I tucked her in and asked how to spell it.)  And when she ran out of "R's" she made one out of another sticker.  Industrious, isn't she?

And of course, when Grandma found out about the whole thing, she purchased  FOUR Christmas/winter themed t-shirts for Sarah.

Looks like Sarah is going to know who to go see when she when February 14th rolls around!


Mari said...

I'm impressed by her shirt. She's going to be really happy with Grandma!

Annikke said...

You have to give her credit for her creativity! The stickers sure beat the markers on a shirt! Very clever! I am quite impressed.

I am with you though, the holiday shirts seem like such a waste!

Laural Out Loud said...

Aren't grandmas fantastic? My mom gets all that waste-of-money stuff for my daughter, plus lots of other fun stuff. It's awesome! But that shirt your daughter made is too much! So adorable.

Kim said...

Grandma's are the best. Sarah did a GREAT job, very creative. Love this post.

beth said...

I am totally impressed by Sarah's shirt! Very creative! :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Corey~living and loving said...

Your amazing. creative. :)

i get the shirts after the season...and buy a bigger size. :) it's the cheap way to go. :)