Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Among other things, I need a stylist.

I took the picture in the post below before going to church on Sunday.  And when Sarah saw me wearing the green shirt she said, "Are you wearing that shirt again?  Why do you always wear that shirt?"

In my defense, I don't always wear that shirt but I guess I have worn it frequently to church over the last 2 1/2 years.

So yesterday when I was in Kohl's looking for some fall clothes for the kids, I decided to see if there was anything I might like to purchase for myself.

I hated everything I saw on the racks.  Everything.

It appears that plaid is still big this year.  I didn't like plaid in the late 80s and I like it even less now.

And do you know what else I saw lurking on the racks?  Leggings!  Leggings?
I searched the whole store for a sweater or even a plaid shirt that would be long enough to cover my "assets" while wearing a pair of leggings and couldn't find anything. I don't mind leggings for Sarah - in fact I love them on her under her skirts and dresses.  It makes her clothes more versatile and covers her "assets" on the playground!

I also saw lots of prints.  I hate prints for myself.  I prefer solid colors that can be mixed and matched.  Plus I just feel weird wearing flowers, zebra stripes, swirls and swooshes.  (I did buy a dress for my cousin's wedding that had large flowers on it. And the only reason I bought it was that every dress in the store had a print on it. I think I looked pretty good in it but the whole time I was wearing it, I wished it was a solid color.  I know.  I am boring. I don't like to stand out in a crowd.)

 (This is the dress.  Wouldn't it look so much cuter in brown or even white with brown trim? I'm just sayin'.)

I also saw lots of jeweled and embellished necklines.  I actually don't mind this trend, I just couldn't find anything that fit me the right way. (In addition to being boring, I also have a short torso which makes it hard to find just the right length shirt.)

So between all of the plaid, the leggings, the loud prints, and the ill-fitting embellished neckline-d shirts, I came home with lots of clothes for the kids.  And nothing for myself.

Sarah is going to be so disappointed when she sees me on Sunday wearing that green shirt.  Again!


Andrea said...

I wear the SAME clothes over and over! And if you think you have it bad...I'm too long for the petite department, too skinny for the misses and TOO OLD for the Juniors!!! I don't want to dress like Hannah Montana, I just don't!! I'm extremely lucky if I find ANYTHING!

beth said...

Beth! I think you look beautiful in that dress! Once again, you are being too hard on yourself, lovely lady. Embrace the print, cause you look good in it. :)

Mari said...

I think you look great in that dress, but I understand how you feel. I'm the same way.
I've also noticed the plaid and the leggings. Crazy!

Denise said...

I think you are beautiful.

Grandma T said...

You are soooooo funny and soooooo beautiful!! I will say again, I want to look just like you when I grow up!

Kimberly said...

I think Pam posted an article a few weeks back about how people (adults) really don't notice if you wear the same thing over and over. You'll have to go on her blog and read it, if you haven't already.
I'm not surprised Sarah noticed though. In teaching young children, I've noticed, that they notice EVERYTHING. I tried to "change it up" last year and wear a shirt with some sequin accents on it. A student asked me "So what...trying to act like you are in Highschool again?" And followed it up with a "you're too old to wear that kind of shirt." Kids notice everything.