Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She was extra busy this weekend!

The Tooth Fairy was extra busy this past weekend.

Sarah lost her second tooth on Saturday and Peter lost his fourth or fifth (who can keep up at this point?) tooth sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  When he woke up it was laying under his pillow.

And not a moment too soon either.  I thought if he didn't hurry up and get that tooth out of there, his Grandma was going to hold him down and do it for him.

Peter doesn't like to wiggle his loose teeth.  He prefers to let them loosen up on their own.  And that's not neccessarily a bad approach except that the last two teeth he has lost have been the two big ones on top. 

And because he wouldn't just wiggle them and yank on them to get them to come out like most kids do, the teeth turned and twisted in his mouth until it looked like he was wearing a set of those Billy Bob teeth.

And quite honestly, it really did make him look rather goofy.  And his Grandma doesn't like for her baby boy to look goofy. 

He looked so funny that I can't believe his classmates hadn't given him a hard time.  Or maybe they did and he just didn't care.  And every time I was having a conversatin with him, I couldn't keep my eyes off that crooked bucked tooth.  It was mesmerizing...but not in a good way.

Anyway, the tooth is out and we are all relieved. 

And I learned that instead of fumbling around with food coloring in a dark bedroom, it's much easier to prepare the colored water under the bright lights of the kitchen and just switch the glasses in the darkened bedroom.  It was quite the a-ha moment for me!

So Sarah's Tooth Fairy was yellow and Peter's was orange and I didn't have dye-stained fingers this weekend.  I guess we are all growing up.


Andrea said...

i always thought that once they lose that first one, they'll just fall out by the dozens! tanner has only lost two since the start of the school year and alex hasn't lost one yet. although tanner does have two that are loose right now. and he doesn't mind wiggling them, infact he pulled his second tooth himself!

our kids are growing fast!

Mari said...

My niece was the same way. I was tempted to grab her and pull it too, but I want to keep my favored aunt status!

Denise said...

Wow, busy weekend for the toothe fairy.

Kim said...

You have this thing you make house calls? :)