Monday, May 17, 2010

Creative ways to give money to kids for their birthdays.

My kids and their friends are at the age now where receiving cash for birthdays is a big deal.  And this works out great for me since I have a hard enough time knowing what to get my own kids much less what to get their friends.

In February, when Peter's friend Colton turned 7,we gave him money but I wanted to make it a little more exciting than just opening an envelope with cash in it - I wanted him to have something to unwrap.

So I got a whole bunch of balloons and filled each one up with a dollar or some change, until I had a large box full of balloons with money.  And then I wrapped up the box. 

Colton was pretty excited to see such a big gift box and according to the report I got the morning after the birthday sleepover, he had a good time popping the balloons to get the cash out. 

The kids went to sleepover at Cheyanne's on Friday to celebrate her 5th birthday and I knew I wanted to give her cash as well.  I didn't want to do the balloons in a box again since we had just done that with her brother.

I remembered a bunch of plastic Easter Eggs laying around and thought money would be cute stuffed in those.  

I went to Target to try to find some sort of stuffed animal shaped like a chicken.  And to my excitement they had a small Webkinz chicken!  Cheyanne loves Webkinz so this would be perfect.  (Now don't look to closely because even though the Webkinz tag calls it a chicken, I think technically it's a rooster because it has one of those red things on it's head.)

I got a cheap basket, put dark brown shredded paper in the bottom of it (attempting to simulate straw), laid the eggss (get it?  laid the eggs!) on top of the "straw" and placed the chicken on top of the eggs. 

How adorable is this?  So much cuter than money in an envelope!


Grandma T said...

Great ideas!

RR Mama said...

Those are both awesome ideas. I am gonna have to remember that. My kids are at that age to where they want money too.

Chris said...

I'm inviting you to my next birthday party. :) That would be age 46. hahahahah :) Is there an age limit on these great gift ideas that you come up with? ;)

kim said...

that is the cutest idea! We used to go to a park and they had one of those chicken and egg machines where you put money in and get out a small piece of candy in the egg. My kids always had to put a quarter in that machine. I think I might have to steal this idea. I would probably put small candies in the other eggs too and one big bill in one of them...that is just too creative and too cute.

Annikke said...

Those are great ideas! I'm bookmarking this for future reference!

Denise said...

Very cool.

jennwa said...

My kids are so lucky to be friends with your kids.
Thanks for all you do.

Corey~living and loving said...

Great ideas! very creative! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Very creative, thanks for the ideas!