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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sleepover

Last Friday night we let Sarah have a little sleepover.  Caity and Cheyanne were going to spend the night with her to make up for the fact that she missed Colton's birthday sleepover a couple of weeks before.

Peter and Dan were at a Boy Scout lock-in so it was the perfect opportunity for a little girls-only fun.

Sarah was so excited about this sleepover.  She talked about it for days and even made a list of activities:

In case you can't read this list it says:

Talk with girls
Eat pizza
Watch TV

Two days before the party Sarah told me she wanted to bake a cake.

"Bake a cake?" I questioned.

"For the party," was her reply.

"I'm busy trying to cook dinner now.  Maybe I'll get a cake at the store on Friday."

"O.k. but make sure Hannah Montana is on the cake."

"Hannah Montana?  I'm not getting a Hannah Montana cake for the sleepover!"  Those things are expensive just because they've got Miley's face plastered all over them.

"I was thinking just a plain little cake," I offered.

"How about one with flowers?" she grudgingly countered.

So even though this was just a regular sleepover and not a birthday party, we had birthday cake.

And the girls did everything on Sarah's list - even sleep.  So everyone was happy - even Mommy.


Mari said...

The list is so cute! Glad that some sleeping was involved too!

Denise said...

I love that list, lol

RR Mama said...

I love notes like that. I have one my now 10yr old wrote to me when he 5. It's tucked in my wallet. He tells me he loves me and I'm the best mom ever. Glad everyone had a good time.

Corey~living and loving said...

glad it went well...and there wasn't any colons involved. :)

TAMMY said...

Hi! I found your blog through 6 Degrees of Blogging. You can check it out here... Your blog is great. Love your header, it's beautiful!

Adrienne said...

I found you on 6 degrees of blogging ...very lovely and I hope the sleep over and the cake are perfect!

Julia Ladewski said...

stopping by from 6 degrees of blogging! awesome blog you have here. that list is adorable!! Get on board with 6 degrees every Saturday and find new blogs and followers!!


bevy said...

I absolutely love that the first item on her list was: "Talk with girls"!!! That is priceless... and shows what a fun little girl she is!

Jessica Ryan said...

Little girl sleepovers are the best. And yes, ours too always get turned into some sort of event... even when there is none!

Wendy Blight said...

Hi Beth,

It's Wendy Blight. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet note of encouragement. I want to pray for you, Beth, that the Lord would give you eyes to see and ears to hear the wonderful plans He has for you. I pray that until He moves you from where you are, you would see Him at work all around you and join Him in that work. I pray in doing that He will bring you great joy and laughter...that you would know you are right where He wants you to be!!!

Sweet Blessings to you,