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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Busy Mom's Bible

Right around the time I finally finished reading The Bible in 90 Days (or in my case alternately titled The Bible in 198 Days), I received an email from Zondervan that said they were giving away 5000 Busy Mom's Bibles to anyone who would use it and write a review about it on their blog.

So here I am to give you  a quick review of the Busy Mom's Bible.

  • I love the pink cover.  It's nice and soft and flexible.  Very pretty.
  • The font on the inside of the Bible is clean and crisp and easy to read.  It's also modern looking.  No boring Times New Roman here.
  • This Bible includes 52 "Thought Starters" that as Zondervan puts it "are designed to let you dip into God's word for refreshment." And as a busy mom this is a good thing.  Another good thing is that it lists further scripture for you to read if you have more time and it even gives you the page number.  That's a nice feature as well. 
  • Also included are 52 "Reflect and Pray" sections if you have 5 minutes and 52 "Study" sections if you have 10 minutes to devote to Bible study.
  • These "Thought Starters" are spread equally throughout the book on harder paper than the rest of the Bible.  This means that as you are trying to read this Bible or trying to search through it, you invariably end up on one of these "Thought Starter" pages.  It's just as annoying as trying to flip through your favorite magazine before you've pulled out all the perfume samples and reorder cards.
  • The devotionals didn't quite do it for me and I can't quite put my finger on why.  Maybe it's because I get several daily devotionals emailed to me every morning and they just more relevant and useful to me than these.
I have the Mom's Devotional Bible which is also published by Zondervan.  (Thanks, Heather!)  The devotionals in this Bible are more longer and seemed to speak to me more than these very short ones in the Busy Mom's Bible.  Even busy moms need to slow down and spend more than 1 minute with God every day.  Or let me rephrase that - busy moms especially need to slow down and spend more than one minute with God every day.

The Busy Mom's Bible doesn't work for me for my morning devotionals and Bible reading but I do keep it in the car.  Now I have something to do while I'm stuck in the pick-up line at school!  It's good to get a little dose of God's Word right before the kids get in the car and start fighting.  Nothing like a little sustenance to strengthen me before the whining begins.

Isn't it pretty?


Chris said...

So, would you recommend actually buying it?

Beth Cotell said...

Chris, that's a very good question! And the answer is no, I would not buy this Bible. And I base that solely on the fact that the inserts make it hard to flip around in this Bible. It's maddening!

Grandma T said...

Excellent review.